How To Remove Wall Tiles Without Damaging Plasterboard

If you want to remove wall tiles without damaging plasterboard, there are a few methods that you can try. You can use a power drill to make holes in the tiles, then use a plunger to remove them.

You can also use a tile saw to cut through the plasterboard and tiles, then remove them with a chisel. Finally, you can use a vacuum cleaner to suck up the tiles and plasterboard, then remove them with a broom or dustpan.

How To Remove Wall Tiles Without Damaging Plasterboard

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How To Remove Wall Tiles Without Damaging Plasterboard

If you want to remove wall tiles without damaging plasterboard, follow these simple steps: Purchase plaster strips. Paint the wall with water-resistant and non-toxic paint.

Apply plaster strips to the wall, pressing the tile against the strip. Use a wire brush to remove any bubbles or bumps on the tile surface. Finally, use a wet cloth to clean off any excess paint or plaster strips.

Purchase Plaster Strips

If you want to remove wall tiles without damaging plasterboard, you’ll need to purchase plaster strips. You can find these at home improvement stores or online. Before using the plaster strips, make sure to clean the area where the tile is located.

Then, take one of the strips and place it in between the tile and the plasterboard. Press down firmly so that the strip adheres to both surfaces. Next, use a pry bar or a blunt object to pull on the strip until it comes free from both walls.

Be careful not to damage either surface while removing the tile. Once all of the tiles have been removed, clean up any debris with a hose or a vacuum cleaner. Remember to replace any damaged plasterboard before continuing your renovation project.

Paint The Wall With A Water-Resistant And Non-Toxic Paint

Although the removal of wall tiles may not seem like a big deal, it is important to take care while doing so in order to avoid damaging your plasterboard.

Follow these steps to remove wall tiles without damaging your plasterboard:

  • Wet the area around the tile with water to loosen it from the wall
  • Gently pull on the tile until it comes out
  • If there are any gaps or cuts in the plasterboard

Fill them with a putty or caulk before reattaching the tile.

Apply Plaster Strips To The Wall

When it comes to removing tiles from your wall, you don’t want to damage the plasterboard below. To avoid this, use plaster strips as a guide to remove the tiles without damaging the surface below.

You can buy plaster strips in various widths and lengths at most home improvement stores. Place one end of the strip against the tile and press down firmly with your other hand. Use a pry bar or screwdriver to lift up on the strip and pull out the tile.

If there are any stubborn tiles, use a hammer and chisel to break them loose before removing them with the plaster strip. Always wear protective gear when working with mortar and plaster, including goggles, a dust mask, and gloves.

Remember to clean up any mess made during removal before proceeding to next step of renovation project. Once all tiles are removed, wash down the area where they were replaced with water and soap followed by rinsing off any debris using a garden hose.

Finally dry off everything thoroughly before painting or replacing flooring in room

Press The Tile Against The Plaster Strip

To remove wall tiles without damaging plasterboard, first press the tile against the plaster strip. If you are using a wire hanger, make sure it is long enough to reach all the way behind the tile. Use your fingers to grip the back of the tile and pull it off the plaster strip.

If you are using a plunger, insert it into the space between the tile and plaster strip and push down firmly. Be careful not to damage the plasterboard with too much pressure when removing the tile.

Once the tile is free, use a putty knife or chisel to cut off any excess mortar around the edges of the tile. Clean up any messes made while removing the tile and replace any damaged plasterboard as needed.


Before beginning the tile removal process, make sure to check for any obstructions that may be in the way of your tile. If you find any such obstacles, first remove them using a saw or a chisel. Then use a trowel to break up the surface so that the tiles can be removed more easily.

Be careful not to damage the plasterboard while removing the tiles; instead, use a soft cloth to clean up any debris afterwards. Finally, replace any damaged plasterboard and tile with new ones and get back to decorating your bathroom.

How To Remove Wall Tiles Without Damaging Plasterboard – Step By Step

When removing wall tiles, it is important to first determine the type of adhesive that was used. Once you know the adhesive, you can start to remove the tiles in a safe and effective way. If you are removing ceramic or porcelain tiles, use a pneumatic tile removal tool.

For vinyl or plastic tiles, use a grout scraper or putty knife to loosen the tiles from the backing board. Be careful not to scratch or damage the plasterboard while removing the tiles – this will cause more damage later on when you try to re-tile the area.

If your tile is stuck firmly to the plasterboard, use a plunger and water to break up the bond between them before trying to remove the tile with your hands again.

If you still cannot remove your tile, call an expert for help – they may have better tools available or be able to apply pressure in order to dislodge the tile easier. Once all of your wall tiles have been removed, clean and dry the area thoroughly before beginning your re-tile project.

Tips For Removing Wall Tiles Without Damaging Plasterboard

Before beginning the removal of wall tiles, be sure to take note of any damage or cracks in the plasterboard. If there are no such signs, then using a tile plunger can help ease the removal process.

Use a sturdy ladder to reach high up onto the wall in order for you to remove tiles without damaging the plasterboard below. Grip the tile plunger firmly and use it to push each tile from its position on the wall.

Carefully pull away any excess mortar or adhesive that may have been left behind by the tile plunger. Clean any residual debris from around the tile before replacing it on the wall in its original location.

Always use caution when working with walls as they are often very thin and delicate – don’t force anything. Wait until all of the tiles have been removed before cleaning up any messes that may have been made during the removal process.

Repair any cracks or damage to the plasterboard before re-inserting new wall tiles, if necessary. Remember to always wear gloves while working with walls – accidents can happen quickly.

Once all of the tiles have been removed, you can either paint over them or replace them with a different type of material altogether. If you choose to paint them over, make sure to cover every inch of surface area so that no color shows through.

Finally, be sure to seal any seams or corners where new plasterboard has been fitted – this will ensure a long lasting finish.


To remove wall tiles without damaging plasterboard, you will need to use a wire stripper or a tile saw. Keep in mind that it is important to always wear protective gear when removing wall tiles; otherwise, you may end up with cuts on your hands or face.

Once the tiles are off, be sure to clean up any damaged plasterboard and drywall before proceeding. Finally, be sure to replace the tiles in a similar style and color as the old ones so that the walls look uniform and restored to their former glory.

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