What Is The Best Gmrs Radio

What are the best gmrs radio in the market? Yes, they are tons and that often makes people confused. But based on real verified user’s feedback and reviews and best selling list of different marketplaces we have listed here top 10 gmrs radio we listed and compiled reviews from verified purchase owners.

So, if you like to have one gmrs radio hope the following feedback from real users will help you a lot.

Note that we compiled here only five star ratings and reviews.

Best gmrs radio Comparison Table

Best Overall
BAOFENG UV-5X (UV-5G) GMRS Radio, Long Range Walkie Talkies Rechargeable, Two Way Radio with NOAA Weather Receiver & Scan, GMRS Handheld Radio for Adults, Support Chirp, 1 Pair
BAOFENG UV-5X (UV-5G) GMRS Radio, Long Range Walkie Talkies Rechargeable, Two Way Radio with NOAA Weather Receiver & Scan, GMRS Handheld Radio for Adults, Support Chirp, 1 Pair
Editor's Choice
Radioddity GM-30 GMRS Radio, Handheld 5W Long Range Two Way Radio for Adults, GMRS Repeater Capable, with NOAA Scanning & Receiving, Display SYNC, for Off Road Overlanding, 1 Pack
Radioddity GM-30 GMRS Radio, Handheld 5W Long Range Two Way Radio for Adults, GMRS Repeater Capable, with NOAA Scanning & Receiving, Display SYNC, for Off Road Overlanding, 1 Pack
Nice Pick
BAOFENG UV-9G GMRS Radio Waterproof IP67, Outdoors Two Way Radios Long Range Rechargeable, Handheld Dual Band NOAA Scanner, GMRS Repeater Capable, Programming Cable Included
BAOFENG UV-9G GMRS Radio Waterproof IP67, Outdoors Two Way Radios Long Range Rechargeable, Handheld Dual Band NOAA Scanner, GMRS Repeater Capable, Programming Cable Included

Top 10 Best Gmrs Radio

gmrs radio
Here are the top gmrs radio we picked, check their features.

1. BAOFENG UV-5X (UV-5G) GMRS Radio, Long Range Walkie Talkies Rechargeable, Two Way Radio with NOAA Weather Receiver & Scan, GMRS Handheld Radio for

BAOFENG UV-5X (UV-5G) GMRS Radio, Long Range Walkie Talkies Rechargeable, Two Way Radio with NOAA Weather Receiver & Scan, GMRS Handheld Radio for Adults, Support Chirp, 1 Pair

  • 🔥[Ideal GMRS HT] FCC ID: 2AN62-UV5G. A GMRS license is required. UV-5G is the GMRS version of the classic UV model. It features 30 GMRS pre-programmed channels + 11 NOAA channels. These long range GMRS radio are ready to go, right out of the box. Sold in a package of 2 radios, good things always come in pairs.
  • 🔥[Longer Talking Range] UV-5G is repeater capable and has the 8 repeater pairs programmed in from Channel 23-30. GMRS power levels and wide-band capable signal will allow a further talking range than FRS radio. When used with a GMRS Repeater, its range is greatly increased.
  • 🔥[Classic Design] Compatible with BL-5L 3800mAh extended batteries as well as other accessories of the classic series, except the SMA-M antenna. This rechargeable two way radio would work well with your other GMRS units.
  • 🔥[NOAA Scan & Receiver] Always one step ahead of the terrible weather. the NOAA feature automatically scans and receives weather reports from the channel, letting you know when bad weather is coming. An alternative communication option in case of disaster when cell towers are always overloaded. Use it as your emergency radio!
  • 🔥[Simple Operation] Easy to read with tri-color display. Most basic settings are accessed via the Menu and Keypad. VOX hands-free operation, 128 Channels, 50 CTCSS tones and 104 DCS. More advanced settings are available when connected to your computer. Support CHIRP, chose “UV-5X (GMRS version) (use Radioddity UV-5G))”.

Reviews from Real Users

G. Ries

For starters let me say to use this GMRS radio legally you will need a GMRS license. Getting a GMRS license is simple to get. Plenty of video's online which will show you how to get a GMRS license.

It's a China made GMRS radio on a budget. Good choice if you are looking for something to carry around and not worry if you lose it OR drop it.

The Two-Way Radio in question comes pre-programmed with 22 FRS/GMRS channels and 8 Repeater channels. Which those 30 channels uses memory slots 1-30. There is 11 NOAA weather channels pre-programmed which uses memory slots 117-127.

Entering in frequencies on the radio it self and saving them to a memory slot won't allow you to transmit on it.

But there is a work around to add your very own repeaters and tones. I won't post how to do that cause someone else all ready done it in their review.

Amazon Customer

There's a repeater about 3-4 miles from me. Wife was 45 miles away from repeater talking on the uv-5x, now known as uv-5g, and it sounded like she was still in the driveway. Battery save option on lowest setting lasts all day with moderate to light use. $60 for 2 of these is an awesome deal. Just don't drop it, the battery clip breaks as battery flies off, and talk 1" away from mic hole for better voice quality.


Fairly new to GMRS but after only a few hours and a few YouTube videos I was able to program most anything on the radio. Baofeng programming s/w works great and with a few other S/W tools you are all set. I was able to build a channel/code xml file that cloned all the preset channels of the popular Midland GXT1000 in about an hour. Still some things to learn on setup and the manual could be a bit better explaining the use/effects of each setting but with a little online research you can get most of the information. For sure purchase the programming cable if you plan on using the radio with other brand radios that use preset channels with DCS or CTCSS "Privacy" codes. This radio is very programmable and with 7 characters to describe the channel I was able to build custom names that put both channel and code info in channel description for easy recall.

2. BAOFENG UV-9G GMRS Radio Waterproof IP67, Outdoors Two Way Radios Long Range Rechargeable, Handheld Dual Band NOAA Scanner, GMRS Repeater Capable,

BAOFENG UV-9G GMRS Radio Waterproof IP67, Outdoors Two Way Radios Long Range Rechargeable, Handheld Dual Band NOAA Scanner, GMRS Repeater Capable, Programming Cable Included

  • 💦[Extend DIY CH] UV-9G has set 31-54 CH as DIY repeater channels except for the common 23-30 CH. So you have a total of 4 groups of repeating frequencies to set different CTCSS/DCS as well as reduce the interruptions. Have fun with your team!
  • 💦[GMRS Version] New upgraded version of UV-9R / GT-3WP. UV-9G has 30 GMRS pre-programmed channels & 11 NOAA channels with weather radio alert function. UV-9G is ready to go, right out of the box even outdoors. FCC ID: 2AJGM-P52UV (Part 95E & Part 15B Certificated). VHF & UHF receiver. Compatible with all BAOFENG FRS/GMRS radios.
  • 💦[IP67 Waterproof] Compared to older models, the UV-9G has better water and dust resistance. This GMRS radio can be submerged in 3 feet/1 meters deep water for 30 minutes without any damage. Better quality but lower cost.
  • 💦[Long Range for Adults] No GMRS repeater is required and the range can be up to 5 miles with obstacles. It can catch a further-ranging signal with a GMRS repeater. UV-9G six way charger is recommended when multiple radios or batteries need to be charged.
  • 💦[Programming Cable Included] UV-9G comes with a BAOFENG original programming cable (328 Moto- Jack). You can ham it up via keypad manual or PC (Just ask to send the software). The bright flashlight and tri-color LCD display provides a clear look in the dark.
  • 💦[NOAA Weather Scanning] No cellular signals in adventures? UV-9G can stand by 24/7, receive instant weather report from NOAA channels, and keep you informed. The NOAA function requires only a little power from the 1500mAh battery. Besides, it’s with VOX hands-free calling function.

Reviews from Real Users


I have had several of the Baofeng UV-5R ham radios that I have used over the years and while inexpensive and not the greatest build quality, they have worked pretty well. When I saw that Baofeng had released these new waterproof GMRS radios, I decided to grab two to try out. Let me just say that these are definitely not just reprogrammed UV-5Rs. These are in a different league of quality. I would put these very close in quality to my Yaesu FT-70D ham radio as far as the feel of the radio. They have a nice weight to them and there is more attention to detail than I have seen in the past.

My ONLY complaints are minor and fixable. All of the channels are preset to narrow mode and needed to be switched to wide and all of the channels were preset with privacy codes which I went in and turned off. All of this was done easily with the supplied cable and Baofeng's programming software. If you can run an excel spreadsheet, you can program this Baofeng. It is also easy to change settings from the keypad, but more time consuming when doing several channels at once.

This is a dedicated GMRS radio. You can only transmit on GMRS channels, but you can program it to scan and listen to UHF/VHF ham frequencies if you want. Being a GMRS radio, it is extremely easy to use right out of the box on the GMRS channels. It should work with any other GMRS radio as long as you have the privacy codes turned off or both radios set to the same codes.

I tried testing the range, but that relies on a lot of factors. I just wanted to see how it would do in my local urban area. I could get about five miles away and still be able to talk to my son on the other radio, but it was hit and miss so that is about the max for going through houses, trees, etc. If you were on a mountain top and had line of sight into a valley, you would get much more range. I think the power/range is very sufficient for my needs.

The speaker on it is great. It is very loud which is important if you are using it in a UTV or a Jeep with no top like I do. It is surprisingly loud for a handheld.

The unit is well sealed and I trust their waterproof rating. I didn't test it myself, but I did see a review on YouTube where a guy submerged it for 30 minutes and it was fine.

Overall, these are the best thing that I have seen from Baofeng in a long time. Great radio at a great price. I would highly recommend them.

*GMRS radios require an FCC license. They are easy to get (no test, just a fee) and one license covers your entire family.

** I had no issues with the battery as was mentioned in another review. Both of my radios had excellent battery retention.

I rely on reviews when I make purchases so I put a lot of time into reviewing everything I buy on Amazon for personal and my business. Please show your appreciation by clicking the "helpful" below when it asks if the review is helpful!!!


Purchased my Baofeng uv9g last week and like it out of the box, however, there are still some glitches.
First glitz noticed was the #key still does not allow change of power! The work around is simple though:
Press menu, 2 and there is the power adjust. The other item I noticed was that the DIY channels are still in groups of 3! And a change made in one shows up in the other 2 when scanning. Using CHIRP I was able to skip scanning the weather channels. However, it should be noted that it will scan ALL the DIY channels unless you skip the unused ones also. The other item noted was, the little extra screw for the programming cable is not captured. Got lost the first day, a lot of crawling recovered it now tape 'captures' it. Still not quiet the Redhead of the GMRS radios. Oh, I did paint a white line on the on/off knob to see if the radio is ON or not and roughly where the volume is set. Another thing I noticed is that radio is supposed to be water proof, however, the battery compartment is not! There is no discernible gasket on either the battery or the radio itself! So water can enter the battery compartment, don't drop this radio in salt water! Other than those glitches it is a really nice radio.


I use waterproof radios when I take kayaking groups out. All of my other radios are FRS units from Motorola and Retevis. This GMRS radiohas a much greater range and will make it easier to stay in touch with the other kayaks.
In that context it is almost perfect.
The bugs others have noted have been fixed in my radio, which was purchased in January 2022, although the NOAA scanning bug has to be corrected via software. It can now be programmed via chirp, although I found the BAofeng software easy to use.
Mine still only has a single securing screw (which holds the waterproofing cover in place) which is far more annoying than it sounds.
I knocked a point off on materials because it is a cheaply made radio. Not a poorly made one, but it is very basic in its design and construction. It is fine, and it does seem sturdy, but it’s not outstanding. I knocked a point off from battery life because I really really wanted to be able to recharge it via USB, like many of the newer designs. The UV9G is actually a rather old design merely reprogrammed for GMRS instead of UHF/VHF. The ability to recharge it from USB power bricks out in the field would make it perfect. At least for me!

3. Radioddity GM-30 GMRS Radio, Handheld 5W Long Range Two Way Radio for Adults, GMRS Repeater Capable, with NOAA Scanning & Receiving, Display SYNC,

Radioddity GM-30 GMRS Radio, Handheld 5W Long Range Two Way Radio for Adults, GMRS Repeater Capable, with NOAA Scanning & Receiving, Display SYNC, for Off Road Overlanding, 1 Pack

  • Professional GMRS Handheld Radio – 30 default channels include 22 CHs for communicating with other GMRS radios right out of the box and 8 for GMRS repeaters. 250 channels in total, supports PC and keypad menu programming so you can easily add new channels and change settings on the go.
  • Dual-Band Scanning & Receiving- The GM-30 allows you to receive and scan on UHF & VHF channels in either CH/VFO mode, not just limited to GMRS channels. Scanning options include precise frequency range scanning, channels scanning and CTCSS/DCS scanning. Scan list can also be easily edited through the menu.
  • Two Display & Standby Options – Single watch and dual watch selectable. On its large LCD display screen, you can choose to show the name or frequency of the monitoring channels as you prefer. It also features the Display Sync function that shows you both channel name and frequency in the single watch mode.
  • Long Range & USB Rechargeable – With the high power of 5-Watt and the capability to hit GMRS repeaters, it can go up to 5 Miles. Equipped with an upgraded USB Type-C charging port, users can charge the radio or just the battery more convenient.
  • More Practical Features – Crisp and clear reception, NOAA weather receiver & scan, FM, SOS alarm, flashlight, squelch, VOX, TOT (time out time), Squelch Tail Elimination, 6 frequency steps selectable, power save mode, 2 power levels(0.5W/5W).

Reviews from Real Users


First, I think people have gotten super spoiled with cheap radios. This radio is really excellent for $40, and as a true GMRS certified and dedicated radio that supports repeaters, it’s excellent.

There were some kinks with initial releases (the inability to set the backlight brightness is the last of them left) - but Radioddity’s support has been surprisingly excellent.

I emailed them a few days after getting a pair of the radios about the problem where the power level gets stuck on “low” when you program the radio. To my surprised, they responded almost immediately and confirmed the bug.

In only a few days, I was sent an email with a new firmware attached - which I missed due to being out of town and busy. To my surprise, though, Radioddity followed up to check in the problem!

I confirmed with the latest firmware, the power level problem is indeed fixed!! I was truly impressed at the excellent level of service that stood behind a $40 radio.

Time to buy a few more. Definitely recommended. Others have covered the performance of the radio, and I’ll echo that as a 20 year Extra-class HAM, they’re spot on.

Yes, I know people are used to Baofengs. But for an actually GMRS-approved radio, this thing is solid for the price.

David P. Jebens

UPDATE #2(6/8/21): This radio is back on Radioddity's site AND Amazon. The company told me that if a product is out of stock, they remove it from their site. Not the best way to deal with that IMHO. It is back and available, so all is good again!
UPDATE: Now I don't know what to think! This radio is no longer referenced in any way on Radioddity's web site ...... almost like it never existed! Amazon says it's gone and they don't know if or when it might be available again, so it seems that this review was a waste of my time because no one is ever going to see it! I did write directly to the company and am awaiting a reply as to what's going on.
As my first attempt at getting a GMRF radio that was better than my old, ancient Cobra very basic 0.5W radios, I feel the GM-30 was a super choice! The only real problem I've had is in finding and understanding certain settings. I had most of it figured out using the Radioddity software, but ran into a glitch after the firmware update I was sent after I had an inquiry right after purchasing it. BTW, customer service has been very responsive so far, and pretty quick with their answers. Anyway, the glitch was NOT with the firmware install with their cable. It was with the lack of info on the changes it made! I was looking forward to being able to toggle the channel power setting, but even though I had set all channels of GMRF to "High" in the software, I found out while trying to use the GM-30 at a car rally (of sorts), that ALL my channels were set to "Low" power according to the screen readout! PLUS, I had forgotten the toggle key and since this was a "new" feature, there was NO mention of it in the manual! Only when I got back was I able to look in the firmware notes that the toggle was a quick press on the "Lock" key! When I had "SET" all channels to "High" in the software and then uploaded those settings back into the GM-30, it didn't stick at high power. I was therefore a bit disappointed that there I was, trying to communicate in the Great Smokie Mountains and stuck on "Low" power for lack of documentation! The toggle is now written on the front of the manual! I feel that setting the power in software should have stuck when those settings were uploaded back into the radio. Also, when you tune in another channel, you have to set the power level manually EACH time you change a channel! A real pain because the radio does not "remember" you last settings for any channel! Maybe that could be upgraded on the next firmware update?? I even looked to see if an "updated" manual was available so others would not miss that critical change but have not seen one so far!
Very bottom line, EVEN in low power, the GM-30 performed fantastically to the point I wasn't aware I was in "Low" power at first. It was reported that voice was clear in transmitting and my reception was great, even with the included ear piece. My new GM-30 seemed to out perform and sound better that several other's Baofeng radios and they were surprised! Great job, Raddioddity! Please make the firmware changes in a maybe NEW manual version we can download and make those power levels "stick" in the software!

Communication Services, University

I have an FCC broadcast and amateur radio license. I wanted a decent gmrs radio for various situations and portability.
This little HT is fine on construction, battery life, and portability. The only thing that YOU should consider is your technical expertise.
Because it has so many features and uses the "secondary key function" for some settings, it is a steep learning curve to get up to speed on some of the functions. Hopefully, you won't need things like dualband scanning with primary settings and squelch delays, etc.
That is the one thing I do not care for with this radio: the squelch is set in software! There is no know to adjust squelch on the fly. This is a pretty big issue if you scan often because even with the setting on high, it still allows in all kinds of barely audible noise and chatter. In fact, this would be a deal killer if I wanted this radio to use as a channel scanner, and not for two way communication and monitoring a single channel.
So keep that in mind. Great for a portable HT. Poor choice for a scanner.

4. Midland 50 Channel Waterproof GMRS Two-Way Radio – Long Range Walkie Talkie with 142 Privacy Codes, SOS Siren, and NOAA Weather Alerts and Weather

Midland 50 Channel Waterproof GMRS Two-Way Radio - Long Range Walkie Talkie with 142 Privacy Codes, SOS Siren, and NOAA Weather Alerts and Weather Scan (Black/Silver, Pair Pack)

  • 2-Way Radios – These Walkie-Talkies Feature 50 Gmrs (General Mobile Radio Service) Channels, Along With Channel Scan To Check For Activity. The Jis4 Waterproof Protection Prevents Splashing Water From Having Any Harmful Effect On It (Splash Resistant)
  • 36-Mile Range – Longer Range Communication In Open Areas With Little Or No Obstruction. Easy Voice And Sound Activation Transmission (Evox) With 9 Sensitivity Levels For Hands-Free Operation
  • 142 Ctcss/Dcs Privacy Codes – The Privacy Codes Give You Up To 3,124 Channel Options To Block Other Conversations
  • Noaa Weather Scan + Alert – Noaa Weather Scan Will Automatically Scan Through 10 Available Weather (Wx) Band Channels And Locks Onto The Strongest Weather Channel To Alert You Of Severe Weather Updates. Noaa Weather Alert Will Sound An Alarm Indicating That There Is A Risk Of Severe Weather In Your Area

Reviews from Real Users

Javiera C.

We use this radios in our Winery and event Center in the Casablanca Valley - Chile. Our operation area is about 800 acres and 14 team members use this radios EVERY DAY (tour guides, management, front desk, security, wedding planner team). We worked with Motorola GMRS Radios before, but the battery life died just before 1 year of intense use. These Midland Radios gave us excellent result: great size, excellent range, durable, good quality, easy of use, good volume, easy to operate, great battery life, and have a good price. If I only could suggest any improvement, a incorporated flashlight would be very useful. As policy, we replace our radio equipment every 2 years, this is the 3rd time we stay with Midland GTX1000VP4 model !!

Nickoli Bearsnaresnic

I went with Midland because they offer a line of mobile gmrs radios also
I can talk about 3.5 miles on high power with me at the house on the back deck and my friend inside his car.
Range would be farther if one party was up high and had a clear line of sight.
This is comparable to any handheld radio [ham, commercial ,marine ] so dont get disappointed if you cant talk 36 miles from your living room to your wife at Walmart.
The radio works well and has a nice feel to it.Appears to be of good quality.Has plenty of volume and some nice features like scan,weather channels etc.
The receive seems to be pretty good I had it on scan today and it was picking people up on a distant repeater and also some local farmers during the harvest season .This just setting atop my entertainment center inside the house
Battery life is typical for a handheld.You can also power it up with AA batteries if you need to
So these fall kinda in the middle.You could get a chinese radio cheap [ Legal? } or move up to a ham handheld more money [can only talk to other hams]
On another note looking at the most critical review nimh rechargeable batteries output 1.2 volts where standard alkalines output 1.5 volts .So the radio operates on 6 volts Thats why you only need 4 alkaline batteries.
If you use only the amount of power you need you will extend the battery life.
Thats normal with any handheld.Your not going to talk 36 miles unless your on top of a very tall building or mountain and your not going to talk forever on high power with the battery capacity you have.
There are only 22 shared frs/gmrs channels not 50.The extra channels above 22 are existing channels with a pre programmed privacy code.Which is nice .Not really extra channels tho
Folks get led astray .Its possible for hams to talk to the international space station on 5 watts so when they say 36 mile range it is not a false statement but it is not typical.
50 channels well sort of.Midland has done the work for you.Want to use a privacy code go to one of the channels above 22.Already done for you.
With realistic expectations whats not to like
Read the directions and take a look online at the frs/gmrs channel guide because each service has different power limits except channels 8 to 14 which are only low power 1/2 watt only.
Go online and there are several radio line of sight calculators you can use to estimate your radio range
I hate to see a bad reviews from folks on something when really its more lack of knowledge and operator error not the products fault
Update 6 months later my radios are still going strong.I have had no problems.The 700 mAh battery packs have worked ok .But they are only 700mAh.Typical for AAA batteries.Going to a AA alkaline could get over 2000 mAh and last longer but not rechargable.
AA lithium ion rechargeable batteries 1.5 volt are available but they are expensive.
Your going to need some spare batteries and packs thats just the nature of handheld battery powered radios whether frs/gmrs ,Ham,Marine ,business or whatever.


I haven't had too much experience with two-way radios, but I needed to update my set for bug out bags. I usually pride myself on researching products before I buy (my wife thinks I take way too long to decide.). I was really worried about distance being that you don't need a license for these radios (except for channels 1-7 and 15-22). But it is in the 3 watt range and in the city (where we live) my kids have contacted me even 3 to 4 miles away so that is very cool. I know these radios say 35 mile range but seriously; you need to take into account where you live; the buildings surrounding where you are using them, what other wireless traffic is in the area...an entire range of things. The 35 mile range is if you are in the wilderness on top of a mountain talking to someone else on top of another mountain with no obstructions.

5. Midland MicroMobile 15W GMRS Two-Way Radio with Integrated Control Microphone

Midland MicroMobile 15W GMRS Two-Way Radio with Integrated Control Microphone

  • 2-WAY RADIO – This 2-Way Radio features 15 high power GMRS channels with 8 repeater channels.
  • 50-MILE RANGE – Full 15W Radio with an external magnetic mount antenna for extended range.
  • 142 CTCSS/DCS PRIVACY CODES – The privacy codes give you up to 3,124 channel options to block other conversations.
  • NOAA WEATHER SCAN + ALERT – NOAA Weather Scan will automatically scan through 10 available weather (WX) band channels and locks onto the strongest weather channel to alert you of severe weather updates. NOAA Weather Alert will sound an alarm indicating that there is a risk of severe weather in your area.
  • INCLUDED IN THE BOX – Radio, Fully Integrated Control Microphone, Mount, Antenna with Magnetic Mount, Microphone, Microphone Holder, 12V Power Cord with Car Power Adapter, Owners Manual, and Quick Start Guide

Reviews from Real Users

Jenny Palm

As a gift, my husband and I were given this base station radio and we installed it in our Jeep Wrangler which has been out fitted for rock crawling. First impressions: this little unit was super easy to install and use right out of the box. My husband loves radios and communication devices and has a CB, Ham Radio, and now GMRS radio all installed in the Jeep. He was able to fit the small, and sleek device easily among all his gadgets without taking up too much space. You can hardwire the radio into the vehicle or just plug it into the cigarette lighter (12v power jack). We used the plug in so we can unplug it if we are not going to be using it for a while. One other benefit is it has a USB port which allows you to charge other devices (like your hand held radios) while driving. It has 15 channels—half of which provide a higher power transmit (since it does not have a mic gain) to improve range and a small magnetic antenna which can be placed anywhere in your vehicle. It is also feels really durable considering it is a small, compact and sleek unit. We are not easy on our gear and we feel this unit will be able to take a beating the more we use it.

Usage Impressions: My husband was able to test out this in a variety of situations. He tested range with his friend who was sitting at home (using a non-Midland radio) in Heber City, UT and Jeremy was driving. He was able to get about 10 miles in this situation with super clear sound and transmission. We also tested range between two moving vehicles driving on Highway 6 to Moab. The jeep obviously had the base station and I had a handheld X-talker in my car. We were able to get at least 5 miles between vehicles while both were moving and going through the winding canyons/mountain passes. We were also on the higher channels which boosts the transmission signals. One huge bonus was the volume of the speaker. It was loud enough to be heard clearly over the elevated road noise of driving a lifted Jeep at high speeds on the highway. He came through super clear on my handheld and I couldn’t detect much of the surrounding noise.

Overall evaluation: we love this little unit. It just allows us to have another means of communication when we are traveling in the backcountry and cell reception is spotty. We will also use this station and hand out our handhelds when we are rock crawling in Moab just in case our CBs are not working so we can still communicate between vehicles. The sound quality cannot be beat and has the same quality whether you are using another Midland radio or a different brand. If you are looking to get a non-handheld radio that has awesome range, clarity and durability for a great price—the MXT275 MicroMobile base station is a great choice.

Corey P.

Handy little radio, I love how all of the controls, display, and a speaker are integrated into the very beefy feeling handmic as it can make for a very clean custom install. For those out there looking to do a custom setup and remotely mount the "guts box" somewhere hidden or just farther away than the Mic cable can reach, breathe a sigh of relief as the handmic cable connection is a standard cat5 type.
For my install I mounted the handmic on the dashboard with a black plastic aftermarket Mic hanger (did the same for my other 2 radios because I wanted it all to match and look like less of an afterthought) and for the cable extension I used a double female ended rj45 socket mounted in a triple hole wall plate (just like you would see in an office lan network) and flush mounted the wall plate into the dash panel with some patient dremel work and plastic weld epoxy, from there I ran a 15' cat5 cable along the vehicle wire harness down the passenger side rocker panel all the way to the indentation of the quarter panel trim plastic piece where i mounted it using the supplied slide in bracket mounted with a set of small bolts I supplied, power comes from (i did cut off the cigarette socket plug, and install a pair of ring terminals on the wire ends) a marine fuse box I mounted under the passenger seat and supply power to via a 1/0 gauge welding cable run up to the battery.
Bottom line is this radio makes it easy to perform a clean custom install without "guts boxes" taking up passenger space and being an eyesore in the cabin.

The King of Pain

Well, like I said in the headline. Nobody is using GMRS yet so any GMRS radio purchase is really a targeted purchase so you can communicate with your family and friends whom you have coaxed into buying their own units. So, here are the general benefits of using a GMRS radio. Clear frequencies. Not full of a bunch of third graders catching joy from cussing over anyone talking and certainly not full of a bunch of truckers running 500 watt amplifiers and blowing out your gear every time you pass a truck. Most if not all of the equipment available for GMRS is new so there are really no "out of scope" electronic frankensteins causing unlimited static. Meaning, when you talk, its clear, when you hear, it's clear. Correct antenna installation not withstanding. Speaking of the antenna. You will be confused with the little mag mount that comes with the unit It works well but the size confuses most CB enthusiasts who are used to seeing 107" whips on Jeeps. While confusing, the size is directly related to wavelength which is a topic that doesn't really belong in this review. Suffice it to say, the short length is completely compatible with safe and efficient operation on the GMRS frequencies. Yes, GMRS is line of site and the taller antennas will provider better coverage (note, Midland does make a long 6db gain alternative antenna that works exceptionally well) but the small antenna that comes with the device has its own cable and can easily be placed on the hood or rood. In the case of a Wrangler, you can get fancy and use a mount or stick it directly to the hood and be up and operating in minutes. The small size allows you to store the antenna in the center console when not being used. What makes this a great buy for a Wrangler owner, or anyone that wants a clean radio install or is simply limited by cabin space is that the radio itself can be mounted under the seat, behind the dash wherever you want as all the controls are contained in the mic. In my case, I have this mounted in 2 Jeep Wranglers on the plastic face plate directly in front of the shift controls. Easy enough to take of the face plate, get rid of the mesh and permanently mount the unit right there. I've added one after market item, a retractable microphone mount to complete the install. In my installs I've attached the retracting mount to the center roof handle but you could really mount it anywhere, or not use one at all. My microphone hangs about dash level when I'm on the trails and either the driver or the passenger can easily take control of it and communicate. Additionally, I've purchased the 6db gain antennas so our installs are permanent. The negatives of this radio are not really specific to the radio. They are specific to the technology. First, in order to use GMRS one needs to be licensed by the FCC. Don't mistake this for amateur radio's. They are not. The lciense requires no testing, simply registering with the FCC and paying the fee. In return you get a GMRS call sign that can be used for the entire family and will be valid for 10 years. What's not to like about that? Well, its because like all federal government website registrations you really need to be patient when trying to find the right place to register and pay for the license. They make it way to difficult to find. The other negative to the radio is you will need to open up the repeater channels manually which is not intuitive. Thus, I highly recommend you break out your reading glasses and read the manual. Actually, the manual is micro sized so do yourself a favor and download a PDF copy from Midland. Overall is this awesome GMRS radio that really doesn't have a downside. Just keep in mind, GMRS is not widely implemented and used yet so if you buy one, you will really need to supply a second one or buy some handhelds and give them to your friends and family. That said, crystal clear communication and with the right antenna setup you can get great outdoor distance when compared to a standard CB. Its a great radio to recommend to all of your Jeep club members before your next overland trek.

6. BAOFENG G11S GMRS Radio, NOAA Weather Radio Walkie Talkie Rechargeable, Long Range Two Way Radio with Earpiece, DIY GMRS Repeater Channels, Recharg

BAOFENG G11S GMRS Radio, NOAA Weather Radio Walkie Talkie Rechargeable, Long Range Two Way Radio with Earpiece, DIY GMRS Repeater Channels, Rechargeable GMRS Handheld Radio, 1 Pair

  • 🌴[ GMRS Radio for Group Use ] G11S is designed as a simple starter two way radio for group or family use (also compatible with FRS). VOX function brings real hands-free on a drive. You can change CTCSS & DCS to protect conversations from outsiders. Come with 30 preprogrammed GMRS frequency channels and 11 NOAA Weather Channels. Use right out of the box. FCC Part95E certificated: 2AJGM-P11UV.
  • 🌴[ Support DIY Repeater Channels ] G11S has extra 24 DIY GMRS repeater channels. You will have a total of 4 groups of repeating frequencies. So you can set different CTCSS/DCS and reduce the interruptions with the GMRS handheld radio. Find your nearest GMRS repeater and try the best talking range with your team!
  • 🌴[ Improved Sound Quality ] Free to Choose the bandwidth and enhance sound quality! You can feel free to change narrowband to wide-band (or operate in reverse) via menu setting (MENU No.14). Only the bandwidth of CH8-CH14 is locked based on FCC rules. G11S is a GMRS Handheld Radio for entry-level with the most simple entrance need. You can get on hand before crises.
  • 🌴[ Real-time NOAA Weather Scanning ] In weather forecast mode, you can use G11S to scan 11 NOAA weather band channels. The two way radio would inform you of weather disasters updates from receiving the weather reports. A great handy emergency radio especially when the cell phone is out of power or signal.
  • 🌴[ Convenient USB Type-C Charging ] Desktops are not needed for your outdoor adventure! G11S comes with a Type-C chargeable Y-cable that can fast charge 2 radios at the same time. You can charge the walkie talkies with a phone in a car, with power bank or laptop.

Reviews from Real Users

Johnny Keeton

I bought this radio so my family and I could communicate from car to car on our road trip. I connected it to an external antenna and could clearly contact my daughter in the other vehicle a couple miles away. Battery life lasted for days with light use. the Noaa station came in handy and the flashlight was use to search for stuff in the car at night. The layout is similar to the Radioddy TS1 FRS radios and it is super simple to program and use.

Ross Chamberlin

I bought my about two months ago now, and have put given them H**l, they still work wonderful!
I can get about 1.5 miles in heavily wooded area on symplex and can hit a repeater thats 27 miles away, I have used them in the rain, and they still work fine.
My only issue is they are not compatible with CHRIP at this time, and the speaker gets crackly if you have the volume to high.
I would definitely recommend these to any one new to GMRS or anyone looking for a simple to use handheld on a budget.

j. michael owens

The radios feel solid in the hand. I bought a few Midlands mobiles and a few Radioditty hand helds as well. It took me a while but I figured out how to make them work. With these radios you have to go to menu and shut off the codes. Keep scrolling down the endless list of codes until you come down to off. Hit menu again and you will be able to communicate with other brand radios. Also this radio being cheaper sounds better than some pricier more option laden radios that I own. I’ve only used this radio on our 40 acre property and so far it’s very clear.

7. 2Pack BAOFENG GM-15 Pro GMRS Radio, GMRS Repeater Capable,Long Range Two Way Radio,NOAA Weather Alerts & Scan Walkie Talkie with 4Pack 1500mAh Batt

2Pack BAOFENG GM-15 Pro GMRS Radio, GMRS Repeater Capable,Long Range Two Way Radio,NOAA Weather Alerts & Scan Walkie Talkie with 4Pack 1500mAh Batteries Programming Cable Speaker Mic etc Full Kits

  • 【Professional GMRS Radio 】GM-15PRO feature 250 memory channels,With 30 default channels include 22 GMRS Channels for communicating with other radios right out of the box and 8 GMRS Repeater Channels .You can easily add new channels and change settings on the go by the PC and keypad menu programs, 154 Privacy Codes (50 CTCSS codes/ 104 DCS codes) ,Reduce interference.
  • 【GMRS Repeater Capable&DIY CH Extended】GM-15PRO is also equipped with 24 customizable repeater channels,GMRS Repeater Capable,able to expand the range of communication distance transmission and enhance the signal;FCC ID:2AJGM-GM15PRO
  • 【NOAA Weather Alerts & Dual Band Scanning Receiving】With 11 NOAA Channels+feature 250 memory channels,Designed to receive emergency warnings of various life-threatening weather events , for you to get full preparation advance;250 memory channels,Radio allows you to receive and scan on UHF & VHF channels in either CH/VFO mode, not just limited to GMRS channels.
  • 【2-Charging Methods Optional】Each Radio Equippend with 1Pack USB-C Charger Cable+US Charger +2Pack 1500mAh Battery , you can easily charge it from power bank、PC、car、wall、laptop and any usb slot. 
  • 【Programming Cable&Speaker Mic】Baofeng USB programming cable PL2303 chip,compatible with Mac, Windows XP/7/8/8.1/10 system. Equipped with Speaker Microphone+Headsets transmits high quality sound even in loud environments and support you to talk in any where, take it easy with you.
  • 【Multifunctional Use】With SOS alarm, flashlight, VOX – Hands Free etc Practical Features,Package including 1Pack GM-15PRO Radio(with antenna),1500mAh Battery,Programming Cable, USB-C Charger Cable,US Charger,Earpiece,Belt Clip,Hand Strap,User Manual

Reviews from Real Users


does NOT work with chirp. will update when it does


ok. This is a GMRS radio. It is part 95 compliant. (If its not it should be)

There are 30 channels pre programmed and an EXTRA 8 DIY repeater channels for setting up your own.

This is not a typical Baofeng UV5R (which the FCC made Baofeng make totally unusable) but specifically made to work on GMRS frequencies ONLY. You can listen on the HAM bands and other frequencies, but the transmit button is locked.

Do NOT buy this if you're a HAM radio Operator

DO buy this if you're licensed for GMRS and want a GMRS radio

This radio CAN be programmed but you must download Baofengs software (they were kind enough to make it available upon request) but thats not what this radio is about.

Just buy it and use it. Has the NOAA channels. Take it overlanding, or use it with your kids hiking. Works right out of the package.

L. Tanner

This is absolutely the best handheld GRMS radio you can get for under $50.
* FCC Part 95 certified (legal to use for GMRS in the United States if the operator has a valid GMRS license)
* Can set different CTCSS/DCS tones for transmit and receive (this is super important for GMRS repeaters)
* Able to toggle between narrow and wide (important for talking to other brand radios)
* Removable antenna
* Battery is directly charged via a USB-C cable
* PC programmable and includes the cable
* Has dual-band receive VFO, so you can listen to (but not transmit on) ham radio and other analog VHF/UHF frequencies
* NOAA weather channels
* Broadcast FM receive
* Can "sync" the display so it shows both the name and the frequency of each channel on the screen at the same time
* Able scan for CTCSS/DCS tones on an active channel

* The menu "voice" announcements sound terrible, but you can disable this
* Battery recharging does not support USB-C PD (power delivery)
* Menu is cluttered by features no-one ever uses (ANI, Roger Beep, Alarm, Vox, etc)

Amazon Customer

Haven't tested the water resistance but great radio. Works well easy to program but you have to use a radiology program software.

8. BTECH GMRS-V2 (2nd Generation) 5W IP54 Weatherproof 200 Channel Professional GMRS Two-Way Radio, GMRS Repeater Capable, with Dual Band Scanning Rec

BTECH GMRS-V2 (2nd Generation) 5W IP54 Weatherproof 200 Channel Professional GMRS Two-Way Radio, GMRS Repeater Capable, with Dual Band Scanning Receiver (VHF/UHF); Long Range Walkie Talkie

  • GMRS 2-Way Radios – The GMRS-V2 Features 200 Customizable Channels that can be used for GMRS, NOAA or Scanning. The radio has the ability to scan and check for activity. The GMRS-V2 offers an IP54 weather proof resistant casing.
  • Customizable – Quickly add any GMRS/NOAA Channels/Scanner Channels to any channel location. GMRS channels are customizable to use up to 5W output and transmit on narrowband or wideband. Customize channel names and more using the free CHIRP programming software
  • Feature Packed – Nuisance Channel Scan Skip, Display Sync, FM Radio, NOAA Radio, Transmit Time-Out, Busy Channel Lockout, DTMF Keypad, Adjustable Scanning Modes, Dual Watch, Adjustable Squelch
  • Kit Includes: GMRS-V2 Radio, 1800mAh Battery, V-85 Dual Band Antenna, CH-8 Charger, CH-8 110V Adapter, Earpiece Kit, Wrist Strap, Belt Clip, User Manual
  • BTECH is proud to be in the USA, which allows you to have the best available local support for any issue that may arise. BTECH only engineers and develops radio products. This brand focus allows you to have the best available radios and accessories with the most features, with real USA warranty and support.

Reviews from Real Users


The belt clip is metal not plastic. The dual ptt button is great. The battery stays on. The on/off doesn’t stick. The antenna goes on straight without sanding for the the 771g female. The fm radio works. I can keep the squelch on 5 and still hear noaa. I miss the H icon to tell me on high mode but everything else is 100 percent better.


I got a pair of these shortly after getting some V1 units. I didn’t realize the V2 were so close to being released or I would have waited a bit longer. With that said, I do like the new features of the V2 very much.

I don’t have a meter to test output, but others have done so to verify that it does appear to be outputting 5W or thereabouts.

The improved feature set with the ability to program multiple memory spots on the same frequency is a much appreciated feature. You can set up multiple repeaters on the same frequencies with different codes and label them using the programming cable and computer to be very easy to understand and use.

I am very happy with them so far even though I seem to not be able to transmit to my local repeater. To be fair, it’s about 25 miles away and not the most perfect line of sight. So far very nice and the new features will be very very useful. I think it’s worth upgrading if you have the V1 model.

Mark R.

I wanted a dedicated GMRS radio and purchased the GMRS V1 about 2 years ago. I wasnt happy with a few things. My main two dislikes were the lack of power and the inability to program multiple repeaters into it as i have several in my area that are on the same freq with different tones. The GMRS V2 fixed all the issues I had with the V1 and I plan on buying a second one. I have already encouraged a few friends to check it out to replace gmrs radios they have and are not happy with too.

9. Radioddity DB25-G GMRS Mobile Radio, 25 Watts Two Way Radio Long Range, Quad Watch, GMRS Repeater Capable, with Dual Band Scanning Receiver, for Ca

Radioddity DB25-G GMRS Mobile Radio, 25 Watts Two Way Radio Long Range, Quad Watch, GMRS Repeater Capable, with Dual Band Scanning Receiver, for Car Vehicle, Off Road, Overlanding

  • Plug-in-and-go GMRS Mobile + Scanning Receiver|DB25-G works well with all brands of GMRS radios right out of the box and is capable of accessing the GMRS repeaters. It is also a UHF, VHF scanning and receiver. Easy to install the DB25-G with the cigarette plug in your vehicle.
  • Impressive Long Range Talking|DB25-G easily reaches up to 25 miles in the open air, 15 miles on a mountain trail, and is very effective for camping/Off-Road/Overlanding and being able to communicate with your crew!
  • Flexible Customizable Channels|The DB25-G offers 130 empty channels for programming, not only support to receive and transmit on GMRS channels/repeater channels but also support to receive on UHF and VHF channels. It provides more channels to make it flexible to reach more groups of people, saving your programming time.
  • Feature Rich|Quad Channels Standby, 199 Channels, Wideband or Narrowband Switchable, Easy-to-read large display (Blue background color, white text color), High (25W) / Mid (10W) / Low (5W) Power Switchable, PC programmable, 260 Privacy Codes, Busy Channel Lock-Out, TOT
  • What’s in the Box?|DB25-G comes with a compact mobile radio, speaker microphone, programming cable, 10-15V cigarette power plug, microphone holder, mount bracket, user manual, and some assembly accessories.

Reviews from Real Users

Don Liechty

I am enjoying using this radio. I like the interface, the size, and the program-ability. It is a good size for a 25 watt radio (tested at 19 watts on UHF). It fits well in my vehicle, and seems to deliver a strong signal. For mobile use, I have paired it with a Tram 1181, which seems to work quite well (SWR around 1.4). I used a Bingfu lip mount for the antenna.

Almost everything about the radio itself feels quite solid and well built, however, the mic feels cheap and "plastic-y." The button layout is OK, but I would have preferred the "up" and "down" buttons to be on the top like other mobile radios I have tried.

UPDATE: Now supported by Chirp!

The programming software is about on par with other terribly written software for these inexpensive Chinese radios. It works, however, the windows are all fixed sizes. Make sure you select the correct com port before reading or writing, because it will hang for a long time. I wish these companies would outsource this work if they don't have the ability to write quality programming software. Oh well, perhaps it will be supported by Chirp some day.

Having said that, the very best feature of this radio (and the software) is the ability to program ANY channel with GMRS frequencies, be they simplex or duplex channels. As long as they are GMRS channels, you can receive and transmit. I have not seen any other GMRS radio do this. Split tones are also supported. It has a lot of other features I am not familiar with, but perhaps will figure out over time. Very configurable.

I did a range test using this radio connected to an Ed Fong J-pole antenna on my roof (GMRS version). My wife traveled nearly 40 miles to my daughter's house using the DB-20G mobile in her car. For most of that time, we were able to communicate well. There were a few dead spots due to terrain, but at 37 miles we were still talking. We could have continued to talk if I had taught my wife how to use the monitor button. 🙂

I like this radio a lot.


Ability to use ALL channels for GMRS simplex or duplex.
Split tones
Chirp Support


Software quality.
Cheap materials for Mic.

Dan Wilson

The quality of the chassis and the display are outstanding. I also like the small size and the fact it has a cooling fan. (It does get hot when transmitting a great deal). The microphone is a bit light and cheap feeling, but the buttons work well and it is well lit. One of the best features for a Jeep is the VERY lound speaker. It's the best I've encountered on a GMRS or even CB radio. Perfect for a noisy Jeep, even with the top down! I had a problem with transmissions not being clear, but it appears there was a fault with my antenna cable and it now works very well. This is a powerful radio in a small package!

Derek A. Jacobs

I'm really enjoying this tiny mobile unit! I'm using it as a base, feeding a 6db vertical.
I had a bit of trouble with getting a driver for windows 11 for the programming cable.
I messaged Radioddity and received a prompt reply from Nora who pointed me to the correct driver.

10. Midland – MXT115, 15 Watt GMRS MicroMobile Two-Way Radio – 8 Repeater Channels, 142 Privacy Codes, NOAA Weather Scan + Alert & External Magnetic M

Midland - MXT115, 15 Watt GMRS MicroMobile Two-Way Radio - 8 Repeater Channels, 142 Privacy Codes, NOAA Weather Scan + Alert & External Magnetic Mount Antenna (Single Pack) (Black)

  • Two-Way Communication – The 15-watt MicroMobile two-way radio is equipped with 15 high/low power GMRS channels and 8 repeater channels for increased communication range. This device is split-tone repeater capable.
  • Extended Range – The MXT115 features up to a 50-mile communication range, depending on variables, with longer ranges in flat, open areas with little or no obstruction. The MicroMobile’s full 15-watts of power and detachable external magnetic mount mobile antenna offers extended range beyond that of the average GMRS radios.
  • Private & Secure – 142 CTCSS/DCS Privacy codes are available, allowing up to 3,000+ channel options to block other conversations, and help keep yours private.
  • NOAA Weather Scan & Alert – NOAA Weather Scan will automatically scan through 10 available weather (WX) band channels and locks onto the strongest weather channel to alert you of severe weather updates. The NOAA weather alert will sound an alarm indicating that there is a risk of severe weather in your area.
  • What’s In The Box- This radio features a powerful USB-C charging port for the quickest charge time for all your devices, including cell phones and hand-held radios. Included in the box: MXT115 Micromobile 2-way radio, mount with hardware, magnetic mount antenna with 5-meter cable, microphone, microphone holder, 12v power cord with DC power adapter, and the owner’s manual.

Reviews from Real Users

C. A. Lugo, Jr.

I originally purchased one of these radios to help over come the challenges of instant communication between my parents property and where I camp at the Grand Canyon Caverns. There is very, very little cell service in that area of rural Arizona.

I already had a pair of Midland X-talkers that this radio would connect to. The campground is located 2.6 miles as the crow flies from my parents home. The terrain is hilly with scrub oak scattered through. The only way that I could hear them is if the drove to the top of their hill which is about 75 yards closer than their home. It was staticky, but I could make them out. They could hear me loud and clear. So I decided to purchase a second one of these radios and boy did they perform better than expected. We were able to communicate 5x5 just East if Peach Springs, Az. which is about 9.5 miles as the crow flies from their home. There was one little dead spot as I got closer to the bottom of a large hill just before the Nelson plant turn off, but returned to 5x5 after rounding it. It was only about a 100 yards for that dead zone. Once I got to my campsite I actually had the radio and antenna setup in side the travel trailer and we were both transmitting to each other as if we were standing next to one another. I can’t wait to get a couple of the 6db gain that is available for these radios hooked up to see how they perform.

Keep in mind that you do need to obtain a license from the FCC to operate on GMRS frequencies which I do have. It was a one time fee of $70 for a 10 year license and it covers my immediate family. That breaks down to $7 dollars a year. Not to bank breaking.

I’ve been a fan of 2-way radios since the days of my youth of watching the Dukes boys elude Sherrif Rosco P. Coltrane and Officers Baker and Poncherello use them to foil the bad guys plans. So when I seen these little guys I felt like Ralphie looking through the window at Higbee’s!

They come with all the basics to get started. Antenna, mounting hardware, power supply, radio and mic. Shoot, I have a Cobra 29 NW ST that I bought like 19 years ago that is brand new, still in the box. Never took the time to have it installed because I couldn’t find the right antenna setup to fit my needs and couldn’t find someone to help teach m how to tune it.

These little guys helped eliminate all that guess work. Plus like I said, they connect to my already owned FRS/GMRS walkie talkies on the GMRS frequencies.

Dunn Fout

I have this unit installed in my car for general coms while out 4 wheeling, or just messing around with friends. I have used CB radios for years but I wanted to go to something a bit more reliable. I have to say I am blown away with the range and quality of this little radio. With the stock antenna, I can get about a mile and a half to two miles in heavily developed suburban areas, and a little less than a mile in the city (this was transmitting to a smaller midland handheld unit). In open areas, I have been able to reach town to town with it, still getting clear transmissions. I have recently upgraded the antenna to midlands 6db gain antenna, which I highly recommend. I have yet to find the limit of this antenna, getting almost 6 miles across heavily developed areas, again to small handheld units. I have yet to test it in the city but I assume it will boost it in a similar manner.

In all this is a great little radio for a great price. I would love to see how midlands more powerful units preform, seeing how well this small unit does. A great purchase for anyone that needs simple, reliable communications over close to medium far distances.

Amazon Customer

Great radio! Very easy to install and set up. Don’t worry about the size of the stock antenna (about 6 inches) it gets out just fine and it stays put on the roof of my truck at 70mph. I can hit repeaters out to about 25 miles, and I live in a rural area about 20 mins from a medium size metro area. If you’re using this radio on simplex, you’ll probably get 8-10 miles in a rural area depending on terrain. If there are repeaters in your area, you’ll get way more range. I’ve made contacts through repeaters who were easily 40-50 miles away while sitting in my driveway. Just make sure you get your FCC license first. It’s easy and no test involved. Great radio!!

What to Consider for gmrs radio

Here are the key considerations

Features You are Looking for

The product should have the features you are looking for. All the reputed marketplaces and online shops write product descriptions, read them, assess them according to your need. If you are not happy with what they wrote on there, ask them.

You know what? Ifs better to regrate before than after purchasing a product online. Returning products is a hassle.

While checking the product features, compare its pros and cons. Here in our list, we picked the {replaceKey} features from Amazon, to make a quick look. Hope that helps.

Users Feedback and Brand Recognition

Certainly, a product is available on the market for a while, the brand hit some sales and obviously, there is a customer base. If you make a few google searches and read some user feedback you will get a nice idea about that product and brand value and recognition.

The good thing is here we have compiled some good feedback from real users, I mean verified product owners.

There are a few tricks to understand a brand value and recognition like how loyal the customers are, how much visible the brand is? What is their customer support like?

Support and warranty

Sometimes the product you purchase needs customer support and that’s important. So it’s better to check their official website and support system. How faster their response is and how helpful they are.

So support depends on your product type and services. You should define the product and how consistent customer support you will be needing or not.

Product Price

Product price plays an important role in purchase decisions. Yes, some products provide real value for the money, but it does not mean high price product is always good. But you know money talks and a product with better price, chances are the product is good.


The customer reviews compiled above helped you to understand the pros and cons of the product. Customers review helps to take decision real quick. It saves your time and effort. So you got some idea on gmrs radio, That is our happiness.

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