How To Choose The Best Chapter Books For 1st Graders

What are the best chapter books for 1st graders in the market? Yes, they are tons and that often makes people confused. But based on real verified user’s feedback and reviews and best selling list of different marketplaces we have listed here top 10 chapter books for 1st graders we listed and compiled reviews from verified purchase owners.

So, if you like to have one chapter books for 1st graders hope the following feedback from real users will help you a lot.

Note that we compiled here only five star ratings and reviews.

Best chapter books for 1st graders Comparison Table

Best Overall
The Flat Stanley Collection Box Set: Flat Stanley, Invisible Stanley, Stanley in Space, and Stanley, Flat Again!
The Flat Stanley Collection Box Set: Flat Stanley, Invisible Stanley, Stanley in Space, and Stanley, Flat Again!
Editor's Choice
Magic Tree House Boxed Set, Books 1-4: Dinosaurs Before Dark, The Knight at Dawn, Mummies in the Morning, and Pirates Past Noon
Magic Tree House Boxed Set, Books 1-4: Dinosaurs Before Dark, The Knight at Dawn, Mummies in the Morning, and Pirates Past Noon
Nice Pick
Junie B. Jones #18: First Grader (at last!)
Junie B. Jones #18: First Grader (at last!)

Top 10 Best Chapter Books For 1st Graders

chapter books for 1st graders
Here are the top chapter books for 1st graders we picked, check their features.

1. The Flat Stanley Collection Box Set: Flat Stanley, Invisible Stanley, Stanley in Space, and Stanley, Flat Again!

The Flat Stanley Collection Box Set: Flat Stanley, Invisible Stanley, Stanley in Space, and Stanley, Flat Again!


Reviews from Real Users


A gift for our 10 year old son. Outlandish and silly, but just right stories for our boy. So nice to have stories where characters aren’t fools, parents are respected, and big adventures happen in their lives real rather than tiresome played out dragon/witchcraft/Video game themes.

Jen Z.

My kids loved these books. Surprisingly I had never heard of Flat Stanley, but then I got reamed at work one day, “YOU DON’T KNOW WHO FLAT STANLEY IS?!” So I was basically forced into buying these so I could fit in with the crowd. Needless to say, these books are great and my kids were excited to read them every night.

Happy on Bainbridge

It is well known that kids love Flat Stanley, and it makes a great project for those 2nd and 3rd grade classes to do! Flat Stanley has been flattened... and so he can get mailed or fit under doors and places no man has gone before... and Flat Stanley has some great adventures all over the USA and around the world as a result! Try doing the "Flat Me" experiment with your own child if you home school or don't have the opportunity to in your own school - trace your child onto a long piece of paper and mail him/her with instructions to a relative or friend to take photos with your "Flat Stanley/Flat Me" at various locations, then do a nice photo and writing project when you get "Flat Me" back!

This Boxed Set was a great way to introduce a few Flat Stanley stories, but the box easily breaks down if all the books get taken out at once (which is great that your youngsters love the books that much they can't wait), which is the case for any boxed paperback set I suppose. The stories will be passed on then to the next generation of 5- 9 year olds or perhaps to the library. Share these stories!

2. Magic Tree House Boxed Set, Books 1-4: Dinosaurs Before Dark, The Knight at Dawn, Mummies in the Morning, and Pirates Past Noon

Magic Tree House Boxed Set, Books 1-4: Dinosaurs Before Dark, The Knight at Dawn, Mummies in the Morning, and Pirates Past Noon

  • Brand New in box. The product ships with all relevant accessories

Reviews from Real Users


I just received these today. Very quick shipping as promised.
I got these for my 5 year old. He’s ahead of his kindergarten class, reading at a 1st/2nd grade level so I thought I should get something a bit more challenging to stretch his mind and decided to search for some beginner chapter books. I read many reviews as always before purchasing and chose this book series 1-4 and it was an amazing price! Very happy about that!

So I had my son read it and he LOVED it. I told him 2 pages and then bed time. He asked to read another page so I let him. Then he asked to finish the chapter so I let him. Then he asked to read the next chapter and I just had to stop and told him he can read more tomorrow. I’m so happy he enjoys reading this. I’m explaining punctuation and quotations and asking him questions as we go among to make sure he’s understanding what he’s reading. And he absolutely loves loves loves it. I included pictures of the pages as that’s one thing I was looking for when looking at the other reviews which I didn’t see any. So I included some for those that would like to know what they look like. Some pictures-very detailed and descriptive but some pages have no pictures which force their little brains to paint their own pictures in their minds. Simply AWESOME! I definitely will be purchasing the next set of books soon.


My four-year-old was a very early reader, and this was the first set of "big girl books" that actually interested her. While she is a wonderful reader, she is still young, and many chapter books are conceptually too advanced to be of interest to younger children. She is completely engrossed by the Magic Treehouse series and squealed "More Mary Pope Osborne books!" when I gave her her last set.

Every once in a while there is a "scary bit" that we need to discuss briefly, but on the whole, it's a safe choice for the youngest of independent readers. Be careful, though - once they're hooked on the first set, they want ALL the books!


Bought these for my 8 year old daughter and she loves them! I'm even into them that sometimes we read them together. They're chapter books but I like that the chapters are short. And I like that there are a few pictures on some of the pages. For 4 books the price is a good deal. I will definitely be purchasing the other sets. I highly recommend them.

3. Junie B. Jones #18: First Grader (at last!)

Junie B. Jones #18: First Grader (at last!)

Reviews from Real Users

Kimberly Lynn

I grew up reading these so I was pumped when my daughter told me her teacher read Junie B Jones to her class. The price is good, and my 1st grader is able to read them on her own. It’s written with childish humor. I don’t understand the negative reviews. Think back to your childhood and you’ll remember how closely your thoughts aligned with Junie B Jones. I think a lot of negative reviews are coming from parents who’ve forgotten their childhood. The “sass” and “attitude” people are complaining about is what keeps my 6 year old engaged. My daughter is hooked. She relates to Junie B Jones and needs to know more! Reading Junie B Jones isn’t going to make your kid go out and be bad. It’s childish humor and childish thoughts that they’re reading, and can relate to. Let’s be honest. If your child is influenced by this book to be sassy and bad, you need to step your parenting game up. Buy the book. Your kids will enjoy it.


I love this book. Well I bought I for my daughter who is going to 1st grade this year and she loves to read. I did not read Junie B when I was her age so I enjoyed her reading this one to me . It was age appropriate . She is just now starting to read chapter books and i love that there is a picture each chapter.

Janeth S.

A quick summary from my 7-year-old. "I love this book. At first, Junie B. didn't know anybody but then she made friends. Also, she got glasses and at first she didn't like them, but by the end she did."

4. The Never Girls Collection #1 (Disney: The Never Girls): Books 1-4

The Never Girls Collection #1 (Disney: The Never Girls): Books 1-4

  • RH Disney

Reviews from Real Users


My 7 y.o. granddaughter loved them...she's started on collection #2. I'll be ordering collection #3 before I know it. I told my daughter to get that girl a library card or this Nana is going to go broke. 🙂 She also loves the Junie B. Jones, The Boxcar Children, and The Littles series. She is an avid reader.


Exactly what I expect. Four books perfectly tailored to a young girl who loves Disney and all things fairy. The text is large enough to help a beginner keep his/her place when reading. They are large enough books to give the reader a sense of accomplishment, but not so large they become discouraged. If I had more than one niece I would definitely buy this for them all.

L Baker

My daughter who is a second grader got theses books for Christmas. She just gobbled them up. I love that they are chapter books. There were a few challenging words for her but over all she understood the premise. Love that they a tinker bell based and additional series.

5. Junie B. Jones’s First Boxed Set Ever! (Books 1-4)

Junie B. Jones


Reviews from Real Users

Virginia Bell

I have to laugh at the people that said they enjoyed these books when they were young but now they don’t want to read them to their children it didn’t seem to hurt them growing up …I think it opens a topic to your children to say that Julie is using a bad choice of words and she’s a naughty little girl so this gives us an opportunity speak to our children so they understand there are people like this in the world and there always will be . I love the books and I love reading them to my grandchildren and when I do read them I shake my head and I say that Junie is a bad girl isn’t she? All of us have had thoughts like that through our young years so why do we pretend that we don’t..

J. McCabe

So. Yes, Junie has a sour disposition and both says and does things she is not supposed to. If you are a parent who does not want to expose your kids to words like "stupid", skip these books. My eldest (now 22yo) grew up reading these books and was a well-mannered, happy child. My 6yo is now reading these books and is...well, much like Junie. We talk about where she could improve her behavior and liken her antics to his. He likes her character because she is relatable. I like her character because it allows my difficult son to talk about WHY she might be (he might be) misbehaving in the first place.

Jon Campbell

I love readying to my boy before bed and these are fun books that follow a troublemaking girl named Junie B. Jones. She does a number of things that she shouldn't through out the book and the books work through the consequences of her choices. This makes for great conversation around right and wrong and how to treat people with my boy. We read all the books in this box set and he continues to beg me to buy the next ones which I will be doing soon.

6. Amelia Bedelia Chapter Book 4-Book Box Set: Books 1-4

Amelia Bedelia Chapter Book 4-Book Box Set: Books 1-4


Reviews from Real Users

Donna C. Salinas

I ordered these books for my 8 year old granddaughter who is struggling to keep up with her class on reading. The books have helped her to see that reading CAN be fun! She's enjoyed the books, and reads herself to sleep almost every night.


My 6 yr old granddaughter has started reading chapter books by herself, I remember how much her mommy loved Amelia Bedelia so I'm hoping she loves them too. I bought this set as a Christmas gift. I would recommend them for any new readers or kids who like to be read to. These arrived quickly, properly packed, I'm very pleased with my purchase.

Georgie Girl

My six year old granddaughter cannot stop reading this. She reads it out loud whether we want to hear it or not. Amelia is timeless.

7. The Princess and the Dragon: A Fairy Tale Chapter Book Series for Kids

The Princess and the Dragon: A Fairy Tale Chapter Book Series for Kids

8. Junie B. Jones Complete First Grade Collection Box set

Junie B. Jones Complete First Grade Collection Box set

  • Random House Books for Young Readers

Reviews from Real Users

Mom of DEF

My 5.5yo started reading these in school (the teacher read them...) and everyday he'd have hilarious stories to tell me about what Junie B and her friends were up to. He seemed so into the books that I decided to get the boxed set for him, hoping he'd get back into reading at night with us. Totally worked, and my husband and I both enjoy reading the books as much as our son enjoys laughing along to them. Yes they use language like hate and stupid, and yes, the antics the kids do in the book aren't what you want your own kids doing, so while we laugh at the funny parts (i.e. not gotten by bad language or behavior, actual funny stuff), we also use the other parts as teachable moments. It's lighthearted enough and even though it may seem mean-spirited in the first few chapters, there's always a good lesson to be learned by the end of the book. I'm really into positive psychology and mindfulness, and yet I still find myself loving these books for their silliness and teachable moments 🙂 And they got us reading together again (& have my son picking them up to get a headstart trying to read himself! WIN!)


My daughter loves the Junie B Jones books. This collection came with several that we didn't already have and was a good value. I see a lot of people complaining about the values taught in these books, but I think it's just a decision each parent needs to make based on their kids age and maturity. My daughter is well behaved and we use these books as teaching moments. When Junie B calls a kid a name or talks back to her teachers we talk about it. As long as your kid has a good understanding of right and wrong and doesn't act out for attention, I don't think it's a problem.


My first-grade son loves these books, as did his brother when he was in the first grade. It is because of these (and the Magic Treehouse series) that my son now claims to "love" chapter books. This is a real win. You can't go wrong with this set of books, good for young boys or girls equally. However, this set does come with a set of paper dolls, which admittedly is traditionally more girl-oriented.

9. How Not to Start Third Grade (Step into Reading 4)

How Not to Start Third Grade (Step into Reading 4)

  • Random House Books for Young Readers

Reviews from Real Users

April M Seay

Great book for third grade! As a homeschool mom, I look for books that show good paragraphs and sentence structure that is also age-appropriate. This is a great book for 3rd graders.


My son is trying to enjoy reading but he definitely enjoyed this one. Easy enough to get most of the words and was able to sound out the words he didn't automatically know. Nice to hear him laughing while reading.

Benjamin Campfield

My daughter read this for a 3rd grade class assignment. She wrote a book report and had to make a diarama. Great fun for the whole family. She got an A. 🙂

10. Trapped in a Video Game: The Complete Series

Trapped in a Video Game: The Complete Series

Reviews from Real Users


I got these books for my 9-year-old son who is really into video games and coding. My son enjoyed them so much, he wrote to the author directly! This is the honest review from a 9-year-old boy:
"Hey justin your book is so intresting and it's very very cool it's the most amazing book series I've read in my intire life witch is not that long cause 9. Your the most amazing author ever in my opinen sorry i don't know spell you know the word I tried to spell"
To which the author (Dustin, not Justin) responded:
Haha, thanks! You got it close enough, I know what you were trying to spell. Thanks so much for taking the time to write me. I'm so glad you enjoyed my books. Hope you have a great day!

Dustin Brady
It doesn't get much better than that for a kid, thank you Dustin for your kind words and amazing books!

Amazon Customer

I am a third grade teacher. I bought these books because I wanted to encourage the boys in my class to read more, and I figured this would be a topic interesting to them. I read the first book to my class, and they loved it - the boys and the girls! I've already had a couple students tell me that they were either going to ask their parents to buy the books for them, or that their parents had already ordered them. I highly recommend these books!

Tammie P.

Set comes in a nice , sturdy container that holds them together that you can place on your bookshelf or put in a bag .. Bought for my grandson for Christmas. He says that they’re a REALLY NICE set . When a 13 yo lays down his video game to read .. it’s a PLUS PLUS ..!!!

What to Consider for chapter books for 1st graders

Here are the key considerations

Features You are Looking for

The product should have the features you are looking for. All the reputed marketplaces and online shops write product descriptions, read them, assess them according to your need. If you are not happy with what they wrote on there, ask them.

You know what? Ifs better to regrate before than after purchasing a product online. Returning products is a hassle.

While checking the product features, compare its pros and cons. Here in our list, we picked the {replaceKey} features from Amazon, to make a quick look. Hope that helps.

Users Feedback and Brand Recognition

Certainly, a product is available on the market for a while, the brand hit some sales and obviously, there is a customer base. If you make a few google searches and read some user feedback you will get a nice idea about that product and brand value and recognition.

The good thing is here we have compiled some good feedback from real users, I mean verified product owners.

There are a few tricks to understand a brand value and recognition like how loyal the customers are, how much visible the brand is? What is their customer support like?

Support and warranty

Sometimes the product you purchase needs customer support and that’s important. So it’s better to check their official website and support system. How faster their response is and how helpful they are.

So support depends on your product type and services. You should define the product and how consistent customer support you will be needing or not.

Product Price

Product price plays an important role in purchase decisions. Yes, some products provide real value for the money, but it does not mean high price product is always good. But you know money talks and a product with better price, chances are the product is good.


The customer reviews compiled above helped you to understand the pros and cons of the product. Customers review helps to take decision real quick. It saves your time and effort. So you got some idea on chapter books for 1st graders, That is our happiness.

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