What Is The Best Car Code Reader

What are the best car code reader in the market? Yes, they are tons and that often makes people confused. But based on real verified user’s feedback and reviews and best selling list of different marketplaces we have listed here top 10 car code reader we listed and compiled reviews from verified purchase owners.

So, if you like to have one car code reader hope the following feedback from real users will help you a lot.

Note that we compiled here only five star ratings and reviews.

Best car code reader Comparison Table

Best Overall
MOTOPOWER MP69033 Car OBD2 Scanner Code Reader Engine Fault Code Reader Scanner CAN Diagnostic Scan Tool for All OBD II Protocol Cars Since 1996, Yellow
MOTOPOWER MP69033 Car OBD2 Scanner Code Reader Engine Fault Code Reader Scanner CAN Diagnostic Scan Tool for All OBD II Protocol Cars Since 1996, Yellow
Editor's Choice
ANCEL AD310 Classic Enhanced Universal OBD II Scanner Car Engine Fault Code Reader CAN Diagnostic Scan Tool-Black
ANCEL AD310 Classic Enhanced Universal OBD II Scanner Car Engine Fault Code Reader CAN Diagnostic Scan Tool-Black
Nice Pick
OBD2 Scanner Car Scan Diagnostic Tool Reset Clear Check Engine Code Reader for All OBD II Vehicles LeeKooLuu LK11
OBD2 Scanner Car Scan Diagnostic Tool Reset Clear Check Engine Code Reader for All OBD II Vehicles LeeKooLuu LK11

Top 10 Best Car Code Reader

car code reader
Here are the top car code reader we picked, check their features.

1. MOTOPOWER MP69033 Car OBD2 Scanner Code Reader Engine Fault Code Reader Scanner CAN Diagnostic Scan Tool for All OBD II Protocol Cars Since 1996, Y

MOTOPOWER MP69033 Car OBD2 Scanner Code Reader Engine Fault Code Reader Scanner CAN Diagnostic Scan Tool for All OBD II Protocol Cars Since 1996, Yellow

  • ✅【Multi-Functions】- Practical Multi-Functions OBD2 code reader features built-in OBD2 DTC lookup library, which help you to determine the cause of the engine light, read code, erase code, view freeze frame, I/M ready, vehicle information, data flow, real-time curve, get vehicle speed information, calculate load value, engine coolant temperature, get engine speed.
  • ✅【Wide Capability】- Supports 9 protocols compatible with most 1996 US-Based, 2000 EU-Based and Asian cars, and newer OBD II & CAN domestic or import vehicles. Supports 6 languages – English,German, Dutch, Spanish, French, Italian.
  • ✅【LCD Display】- Designed with a clear display LCD screen (128 x 64 pixels) – white backlight and contrast adjustment. No need any battery or charger, OBD reader gets the power directly from your vehicle through the OBDII Data Link Connector.
  • ✅【Compact Design】- Car diagnostic scanner is equipped with a 2.5 feet long cable and made of a very thick flexible insulator.There are 6 buttons on OBD2 Scanner:scroll up/down,enter/exit and buttons that quick query VIN vehicle number& the DTC fault code.
  • ✅【ABS / Airbag codes NOT Supported】- It is able to read and clear check engine information which is part of OBDII system, but it cannot work with non-OBDII systems, including ABS / Airbag / Oil Service Light, etc.
  • ✅【Screen Protecting Film】- There’s a transparent screen protecting film on the screen surface. If any scratches on the film, just tear off the screen protecting film. If any more problem on the screen, just contact our customer service for replacement directly.
  • ✅【Connection Guide】- Plug the scanner into the OBDII port on your car, turn on the ignition and then press the OK button to make the connection. To view the live data, please start the engine. If connection failure, please contact motopower directly for assistance.
  • ✅【Erase Codes】- When you find the fault codes, please fix the problem before erasing the codes. If the codes erased without the problem fixed, the engine fault light may turn on again in the future.
  • ✅【New Only】- All products are shipped from the factory to Amazon warehouses directly. We apologize if any possible boxes damage during the shipment. If you are not pleased with the package received, please contact motopower directly for assistance. We only sell brand new products on Amazon. Any returned item to Amazon will be disposed immediately. Please be rest assured.
  • ✅【Warranty & THX】- TWO YEAR WARRANTY AND 100% SATISFACTION SERVICE. Thank you for choosing motopower! But if you are not pleased with the product, please contact motopower directly for hassle-free return and refund. Save your bucks and time.; Fit type: Universal

Reviews from Real Users

G. Wade

After receiving the reader in the mail, I opened it and looked through the booklet. Seemed pretty easy to me. So I plugged it into my car's port, turned the key to the on position without starting the engine. It brought up a code and then identified it as the intake manifold tuning valve. Went to the genuine GM parts store online and ordered the part for my 2008 GMC Acadia. Then went to youtube and watched the valve being changed. Didn't seem to difficult. Once I got the part, I removed the old valve and replaced it with the new one. Took about 20 minutes. Started the car and it ran fine. Placed the ignition in the on position without the engine running, plugged the reader back in, was able to clear the code and engine light was off. Paid $23.85 for the reader, $153 for the part. Since the part listed for $279 that is most likely what the dealer would have charged me for the part, plus, $99 diagnostic fee, plus I'm guessing $150 for labor. Saved myself roughly $350 and I have the reader to use some other time when needed. I love saving money! Thank-you.

Mr. Anderson

Worked on my '04 Tundra to read and reset a code. The local mechanic shop wanted to swap out both of my catalytic converters due to an error code being thrown by the driver side rear exhaust gas sensor. I used this reader to check the code myself, a quick Internet search showed that sometimes the code is misinterpreted as a bad cat when it's really a bad exhaust gas sensor.

I swapped the sensor myself with a $90 replacement and reset the code with this device, problem solved.

Susan C.

This is a great tool at an amazing price. Everyone should carry this in their glove compartment. When my check engine light came on I decided to get this gadget rather than pay the dealership $175 to check it for me. It’s easy to use gave a clear reading of the error code. I took it to a local mechanic to get fixed he got the exact same error code that I had so it definitely works. Definitely something everyone should have just in case. It will save you money in the long run!

2. OBD2 Scanner Car Scan Diagnostic Tool Reset Clear Check Engine Code Reader for All OBD II Vehicles LeeKooLuu LK11

OBD2 Scanner Car Scan Diagnostic Tool Reset Clear Check Engine Code Reader for All OBD II Vehicles LeeKooLuu LK11

  • 【Auto OBDII Scanner Diagnostic Tool:】Easy-to-use plug-in-play car scanner that read and clear codes.Retrieves generic code and displays DTC definitions. It can check engine related fault codes,easily find out what caused.
  • 【Wide Compatibility:】Code readers & scan tools are compatible with all OBD II and CAN Compliant vehicles,passenger cars or light trucks,post 1996 in US,post 2000 for EU-based and Asian cars.Not compatible with new energy and hybrid vehicles.
  • 【Freeze Frame Date For Accurate Diagnosis:】Car code reader comes with viewing freeze frame function that enables you to retrieve data recorded in the ECU of the condition under which the fault occurs to figure out why the check engine light is on and cut down test drive verification time.
  • 【I/M Readiness Function:】 Car diagnostic scanner comes with I/M Readiness function to check the operations of the Emission System on OBD2 compliant vehicles.It includes vehicle-specific number of monitors like misfire monitor, fuel system monitor,Comprehensive component monitor, Oxygen sensor heater monitor,EVAP system and etc.It can help get your vehicle ready to pass the annual smog check.
  • 【Retrieve Vehicle Infor:】 Vehicle code reader enables retrieval of Vehicle Identification No. (VIN), Calibration ID(s), Calibration Verification Nos. (CVNs). This function is most useful to check whether the ECU matches your car.
  • 【Keep Engine In Good Shape:】When MIL illuminates with a steady light,Just plug into your car”s 16pin OBD II port, press the button according to your need, and you will see the error code and its definition on the screen instantly.Erase engine fault code
  • 【Product Warranty:】Professional auto scan tools has a 2 year warranty and life-time tech support,Please contact us for help first to solve it if you have any issues with using this product.

Reviews from Real Users


This is an excellent OBD2 scanner for its intended purpose.

I run a small repair shop and have a drawer full of scan tools. This does not compare to my $1500+ professional grade diagnostic suite, but it is not meant to. However, this scan tool has one main advantage over all of my other tools: it connects and loads extremely fast with no other specialty items needed. This tool boots faster than I can crawl back out from under the dash of most cars and can read codes within seconds of turning on the key. Newer cars with lots of modules can take minutes to load on my professional grade scanner. When one just wants to check/clear engine codes quickly, this thing is a lifesaver.

I also have the Bluetooth scanners other brands make. Those are nice and some have a few more features, but you must have the app and go through the connection process. While that can be nice, it does not lend itself to be loaned out. With this scan tool, I can easily loan it to a buddy or potential customer, and they can scan and be on their way without wasting time downloading an app. This is also a consideration for those less tech savvy. The no questions plug and go that this provides is definitely worth the purchase price.

The only issue worth considering is the short cord. It is long enough for most vehicles, but vehicles that tuck the connector way up under the dash or in the passenger floorboard may be too short to comfortable reach from the driver’s seat. However, the short cord allows it to easily fit in a glovebox or small toolbox and not take up much space, such as where it currently lives in my work truck.


I just got this recently and it is pretty good.

It installs or should I say connects easily and detaches easily. Once plugged in, the scanner starts up and gives you 2 options: Setup and Scan. This is where the only issue I found comes in, since the buttons are labeled: ESC, UP, OK, DOWN but the screen says Enter and Exit.

You use the esc button to exit and the ok button to enter. The arrow buttons are to navigate the menus.

The setup screen only has options for language, unit of measure and screen contrast. You dont need to adjust any of them. The Scan screen is what you use to read and erase your engine codes.

If you decided to use the scanner to erase/clear your engine code, you need to turn on your engine to the accessory setting (when your radio comes on but the engine is off) and clear the code. you then need to turn your car off and on again to check if it worked.

for the price, its a pretty good device.

Kindle Customer

Previously, I went to the local auto parts store, borrowed their scanner to read my car's error code. Easy enough, but this reader for only $17 promised to do the same thing (their readers were usually $30+). I gave it a shot and am happy I did. This reader appears to have the same basic functions and was easy to use. I tested it on 3 cars (USA, Asian and Euro). None had any lights on, and the reader worked on all 3 cars and confirmed there were no active codes.

1) I wasn't able to watch the instructional video mentioned in the manual, but it's not really necessary. Nor did I contact customer support for a link. 2) It doesn't say how the reader captures the freeze frame, maybe if I had an actual code to read it would be obvious. This is a nice feature, but since the unit is powered through the OBDII connection, you can't unplug the unit take it somewhere and pull up the error code.

I gave it 5 stars based on value. It's a basic reader, it works, it's easy and if I need more advanced diagnostic functionality (as I may still want), all the others I was/am looking at are over $100. For $17, I'm happy.

3. ANCEL AD310 Classic Enhanced Universal OBD II Scanner Car Engine Fault Code Reader CAN Diagnostic Scan Tool-Black

ANCEL AD310 Classic Enhanced Universal OBD II Scanner Car Engine Fault Code Reader CAN Diagnostic Scan Tool-Black

  • Classic design, fast scan and erase trouble codes, even a beginner can use it read the error code, find out what the problem is and perhaps fix it. Save money and time. It can not read and erase ABS, SRS(Airbag), and other systems fault codes.
  • Works on MOST 1996 US-Based, 2000 EU-Based and Asian cars, and newer OBD II & CAN domestic or import vehicles. Supports English, German, French, Spanish, Finnish, Dutch, Russian and Portuguese.
  • Easily determines the cause of the check engine light. I/M monitor readiness test, turn off the MIL (check engine light) as well as view freeze frame data. Read hard (memory) / pending (intermittent) and historic codes and show definitions.
  • The AD310 scanner is well built with a large LCD display (128 x 64 pixel) that has white backlight and contrast adjustment, indicates test results directly. No need any Batteries or Charger, gets the power directly from the OBDII Data Link Connector in your vehicle.
  • It’s equipped with a 2. 5 feet long cable and made of a very thick flexible insulator. There are 4 buttons on AD310. The Up and Down button for scrolling the menu, the Enter and Exit button allow for navigation back and entering menu.

Reviews from Real Users

P. Michael Moffa

This OBD II reader is unlike the inexpensive ones that you have to use an app on your phone to activate (which I also own). This is a stand alone reader that is very user friendly, and prompts you on every move. It immediately identifies your car, and you don't have to enter the year, make, engine, etc. of your car. This unit is also inexpensive compared to others on the market, and I highly recommend it.

Wayne Torres

After hitting a few bumps on the road and noticing the "Service Engine Soon" light come on in the middle of my commute, I was afraid that I would have to take a day off of work to get my car inspected and fixed. Thinking I could at least save some time and money by knowing what exactly was wrong with the car, I ordered the ANCEL AD310 Classic Enhanced Universal OBD II Scanner Car Engine Fault Code Reader CAN Diagnostic Scan Tool - Black https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01G5EA74I/ref=cm_cr_ryp_prd_ttl_sol_0.

My hope was to figure out if the problem was major enough to get it fixed by a professional, or if it was something I could fix on my own. I used the Scan Tool as soon as it arrived, and right off the bat the tool gave me the engine fault code and the description. Turned out, I had an "Evaporative Emissions Leak", which could be caused by a loose gas cap. Sure enough, my gas cap was put on wrong, and after a day the engine's computer reset and cleared the fault code!

I could have easily spent $200 just for a mechanic to tell me my gas cap was on wrong, so literally within the hour of receiving it, the Scan Tool paid for itself several times over!

I definitely recommend this product!


I recently purchased a used car. Almost like clockwork the Check Engine Soon light turned on. I don't know a lot about cars, so I didn't want to walk into a shop and get taken advantage of. I purchased this reader so that I could get the codes myself and research them on the internet and potentially estimate the cost of the repairs. I was able to confirm that the shop I went to got the same codes I did.

The reader is very easy to use. You just need to locate where the reader would plug into your car. You can choose to clear the codes after you read them which will likely turn off the Check Engine Soon light. It's not a bad ideal to run the code check again if the light comes back on to see if you get the same codes.

I highly recommend anyone to get this code reader just to keep in your tool box. It could save you hundreds of dollars in unnecessary repairs from unscrupulous car service shops.

4. FOXWELL NT301 OBD2 Scanner Live Data Professional Mechanic OBDII Diagnostic Code Reader Tool for Check Engine Light

FOXWELL NT301 OBD2 Scanner Live Data Professional Mechanic OBDII Diagnostic Code Reader Tool for Check Engine Light

  • 【Vehicle CEL Doctor】The NT301 obd2 scanner enables you to read DTCs, locate bad O2 sensors, access to emissions readiness status, turn off CEL(check engine light) or MIL, reset monitor, read live data and retrieve VIN of your vehicle.
  • 【Accuracy & Streams】Live data graphing and logging. Accurately read error codes for most Worldwide cars, SUVs, light trucks and 12V diesels equipped with Obd2. Graphing live vehicle sensors data allows you to focus on any suspicious data and trend.
  • 【Worthy to Own】Recommended by Mechanic Scotty Kilmer on Youtube. Codes analysis and Printer compatible. Unique PATENTED design, 2.8″ color screen, Free Lifetime Update and 1-year seller assurance with EXCLUSIVE tech and service team.
  • 【Smog Check Helper】Read/Erase and I/M readiness hotkeys make it easy to use the car computer reader right out of the package. Red-Yellow-Green Leds and build-in speaker indicate the readiness status for confident emissions test.
  • 【Home Necessity】Open to global customers. No battery required, NT301 obd scanner is charged directly from the 16pin DLC in your vehicle. It is recommended as a necessity in your toolbox and one of the best gifts for Home and Autoshop Mechanics.
  • 【Please Note】Dear customer, if you are not pleased with your NT301 and choose to return it, please kindly mark it unsellable to avoid an used one is resold again to other customers. Appreciate very much!
  • 【Warm Tips】NT301 car scanner can be used directly with no need for registration or update, as it is already the latest version. Your Foxwell’s screen is with a tightly-fitting screen protector. If any scratches are found, just tear off the screen protector from the upper left or upper right corner. 🙂

Reviews from Real Users

Terrence L. Gray

Be warned this is not your typical code reader. This one gets into the the technical stuff. A lot I have no idea what I was looking at. I learned to use a few of the functions from uTube videos. I learned enough to find out I had a plugged EGR valve and I have to 02 sensors that are bad. I have the shop manuals for my car and the more I study this instrument the more I like it. The best feature I think is the graphing. Watching the operation of the 02 sensors on the graph mode enabled me to locate the bad sensors in a couple of minutes. If you are willing to take the time and learn how to use this scanner, you'll be glad you bought it. I'm very pleased with my purchase. However when you order this, order a case and the extention ribbon. You will want to protect this little jewel. The extention ribbon allows you to hook up to your automobile computer and be able to sit comfortably in the driver's seat while you are doing the test instead of being hunched under the steering wheel. Great scanner, great price!


I kept bogging down on my 1998 CR-V. I checked and rechecked timing, fuel pressure, spark plugs, distributor, everything. NO check engine light on, I was going crazy. Finally decided to shell out the money for a "pro" scanner, better than my $20 walmart one. I plugged this one in, took it for a test drive with the data record feature, and guess what I found- a bad O2 upstream sensor. It kept telling my computer it was rich (voltage was .6 to 1.2 all through the ride), and the downstream sensor dipped to near 0 as the computer cut back fuel. My short term fuel trims went down to -30%. All of this and NEVER threw a darn code for me to figure it out. I spent hours upon hours trying to find the mechanical issue, when this electronic tool took care of it in about 15 minutes. A no brainer, your time is worth way more than this costs, buy it. And I'm your average tree shade mechanic who works on his own cars, not a fake reviewer as you can see on my history. This product was that good for me to leave a glowing review


This analyzer totally performed to my expectations. Very simple and intuitive with minimal need for referencing the instruction book (which is pretty thorough).
It accurately diagnosed the cause of my Check Engine Light (error code P0013). Went on YouTube to learn how the replace faulty VVT exhaust solenoid, and after a trip to Autozone for the new part, was able to replace it in about 20 minutes. Rechecked system and it was good to go. Loved that I was able to clear error code from car's ECM memory after the repair. Now I can pass the annual emissions test that is required to renew my next registration here in Texas.
Chevy dealer wanted $125 just to connect to the OBD2... then would add parts/labor to that.
Paid $65 for the scanner tool, $48 for the part and came out way ahead, plus I now have a scanner to use for any future CEL.

5. EDIAG Car OBD2 Scanner YA-101 Auto Code Reader for Check Engine Light,O2 Sensor,EVAP Test,On-Board Monitor Test,Smog Check,OBD2 Diagnostic Scan Too

EDIAG Car OBD2 Scanner YA-101 Auto Code Reader for Check Engine Light,O2 Sensor,EVAP Test,On-Board Monitor Test,Smog Check,OBD2 Diagnostic Scan Tool for All OBD2 Cars Since 1996[Upgrade Version]

  • 🚀【Vehicle Diagnoses Doctor】YA-101 is an upgraded version of basic obd2 scanners with feature complete support of all 10 modes of obd2; including reading and erasure of current codes, O2 Sensor Tests, On-Board Monitor Test (Mode 6), EVAP System Test (Mode 8), I/M Readiness, Vehicle Info, etc,.Help you pass the Smog check!
  • 🔎【View Live Data & DTCs Lookup】View Freeze Frame/Live Data streams, Live O2 monitoring, Misfire, Engine Coolant Temperature and Engine RPM Data; view real-time PID data from ECM; built-in DTC lookup library with definitions.
  • 🌎【All OBDII protocols Vehicles Coverage + 9 Languages】Works with most 12V gasoline vehicles sold in the USA since 1996. Supports all OBD2 Protocols: KWP2000, ISO9141, J1850 VPW, J1850 PWM and CAN. Support for 9 languages: Simplified Chinese, German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Traditional Chinese, Russian.
  • ✅【Garage Necessity】✅Plug and play function,easy to use.✅ Add Battery Test Function to view of Battery Status; ✅ color display; ✅ FREE LIFETIME software updates via USB port. It is recommended as a necessity in your garage/ Home and Autoshop.
  • 💥【Youtube Influencer Mechanic Recommend】ediag Tools provides Lifetime warranty for the YA-101 scan tool. Please feel free to contact, any time, via Q&A, Email and/or Amazon Messages.PLEASE NOTE:this tool only works on 12V cars,not NOT WORK FOR 24V truck.

Reviews from Real Users

Funky Cold


Overall this OBDII Code Scanner delivers on all the basics and then some. It was able to quickly connect to my car. It clearly showed fault codes and clearing them was intuitive. I have a few other OBDII scanners/code readers (see photo) and this one pulls the same data (and more in some cases) as the others for OBDII data. On top of being able to read codes and clear them. You can use this to actually troubleshoot using the live data streams of the O2 sensors, A/F sensors, Long-term and Short-term fuel trims, as well as ~40 other live data pids. You also can view the Mode6 data. My older units will not pull Mode6 data and do not have air fuel sensor pids so it is showing as O2 pids even on newer cars with A/F sensors. All in all it does the job and for a $25ish code scanner this is a great bang for the buck. Side note, the cord measured 34" and was plenty long for me to use sitting in my front seat holding the unit.

A couple things you should know that some may consider cons (but again it is a $25 tool)
1. You can not select a set of pids when viewing live data you scroll up and down to see the pids you want
2. There is no graphing of the streams
3. There are a lot of abbreviations so you may need to look up some to know what your viewing
4. Screen is on the small side (but that is also what makes it compact and convenient to store in a glove box)

So even with the "Cons" for the price I feel you are getting a great tool that does the job it is meant to do so for me it is 5 stars.

Richard McCauley

Out of the box this scanner is easy to use with a MUCH longer cord than some of the other pocket scanners I have owned. I bought this particular scanner because my other small scanner is outdated and has outgrown it's usefulness. It is small and easy to carry in my pocket. This scanner far surpassed my expectations in terms of usefulness. I bought a larger tablet sized scan tool for the heavy diagnostics. The small scanner does a lot of what my tablet scanner will do, for less than 10% of the cost. It only abbreviates the words to make them fit on the smaller screen. So if your trying to explain to a customer what is wrong with their vehicle, you need a bigger screen. In my opinion this scan tool is well worth the $25. I was not disappointed!

6. Car Code Reader CGSULIT SC301 OBD2 Scanner Check Engine Light with Reset Full OBDII Functions Generic Vehicle Diagnostic Scan Tool for Smog Check,

Car Code Reader CGSULIT SC301 OBD2 Scanner Check Engine Light with Reset Full OBDII Functions Generic Vehicle Diagnostic Scan Tool for Smog Check, Live Data, DTC Lookup, On-Board Monitor Test, Black

  • 【Enhanced OBDII Service Modes】SC301 OBD2 scanner enables you to turn off check engine light(CEL), locate bad O2 sensors, EVAP leak test, access emission status, reset monitors, retrieve vehicle’s VIN, read/erase fault codes, etc. Plug and play, no batteries, located your car’s problems in minutes
  • 【One Click I/M Readiness】+【Help Pass Smog Check】SC301 car code reader monitors the emission-related systems’ status, to check if your car is ready for the smog test, such as Misfire, Fuel, CCM, CAT, EVAP System, etc. Help you pass the smog check easily, save your money for paying fine tickets. A Green-Yellow-Red light and the speaker will indicate the readiness status
  • 【DTC Lookup Liabary】+【”?” Button Offer Accurate Advice 】SC301 car diagnostic scanner has a unique “?” button. SC301 scan tool not only shows DTC definition but also offers helpful tips to deal with DTCs by pressing the “?” button. No need to Google why your vehicle’s CEL comes on and what the DTC codes mean
  • 【Accurate Live Data Streams】+【Record/Playback/Print Data】Not only can you view the live data but you can record it during the road test to find a problem and then playback/print the data. Live data can be displayed via graphs like you can see if the vehicle is running rich or lean with a fuel trim running lean
  • 【99% of Vehicle Compatibility】+【Supports 10 Languages】SC301 check engine code reader work on most 1996 and newer American/European/Asian car with standard OBD2/EOBD protocols: KWP2000, ISO9141, J1850 VPW, J1850 PWM, CAN. Supports English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Sweden, Hungarian, Russian, and Dutch
  • 【View Freeze Frame for Identifying Problems】SC301 code reader car diagnostic tool with reset gets freeze frame data when the code happened to help you to figure out why that problem occurred. Freeze Frame Data include important engine parameters such as engine RPM, vehicle speed, airflow, engine load, fuel pressure, fuel trim value, engine coolant temperature, ignition timing advance, or closed loop status, etc

Reviews from Real Users


For a non-bidirectional scan tool, this unit offers an amazingly broad array of functions including live data. I got this to leave in one of our vehicles when taking a road trip. I have yet to have a check engine light come on while traveling...but in case it happens then I'll be able to diagnose whether it is a serious issue that needs immediate attention vs something not worrisome that can be dealt with when we get home. At home, I have access to more sophisticated bidirectional scan tools (and much more expensive) that I do not want to travel with in case the car gets broken into and they get stolen.

To be fair and give credit where credit is due, I got this on the recommendation of Scotty Kilmer and he was right on the money concerning this product.


If an "idiot" light comes on you don't know what's going on. Can cause a lot of stress. Just got it and test it out on my car with a full diagnostic. Knowing that something is minor alleviates the stress of wondering if it is going to die in the middle of the nevada desert or utah desert or in the plains of wyoming.

This scanner gave me more details on tire light on and indicated that the pressure sensor may not read correctly. After checked my five tire pressures, it confirmed that one pressure sensor was bad. Knowing this is minor alleviates my stress. It is a great product. Worth it.


I tested the stool on my Toyota Sienna
It worked great! The live streaming was very nice to see. For a low cost scan tool it has a lot of good features.
I would recommend this tool to anyone looking for inexpensive scan tool.

7. Autel OBD2 Scanner Autolink AL319 Code Reader Read and Erase Codes Check State Emission Monitor Status Powerful Scan and Car Diagnostic Tool

Autel OBD2 Scanner Autolink AL319 Code Reader Read and Erase Codes Check State Emission Monitor Status Powerful Scan and Car Diagnostic Tool

  • 【TURN OFF CEL】 This AL319 car diagnostic tool supports Reading DTCs, displaying Live Data, Freeze Frame & I/M Readiness etc to figure out the root cause of the Check Engine Light (CEL) and turning it off, to help you detect any potential problems, and to avoid excessive costs for unnecessary repairs.
  • 【EXTENSIVE APPLICATION】 Autel AL319 Compatible with 7 languages (English, French, Spanish, etc.) and various post-1996 OBD II protocol vehicles (Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Ford, etc.), this OBD II scanner provides accurate and fast diagnosis for worldwide car owners.
  • 【FOR END USER & DIYERS】 This error code reader AL319 is “plug and play” and comes with an easy interface. Even if you’re not familiar with vehicle repair, you can quickly take control of this obd2 scanner, and get the information you want.
  • 【USER-FRIENDLY DESIGN】 This check engine code reader features a patented One-Click I/M Readiness Key, TFT color display, built-in speaker, LED Indicator etc. The cable is long enough without being too long and getting in the way. No batteries are needed.
  • 【HIGH-QUALITY SERVICES】 12 months warranty from the date of purchase and lifetime free update are offered by this Automobile OBDII scan tool. Welcome to contact us via Q&A, email, or hotline, and our after-sale-service team for technical support.

Reviews from Real Users


Hello all, I was getting annoyed by the fact that I had to constantly go to AutoZone or PepBoys in order to find out why the Check Engine Light (CEL) was on. Sometimes they would even charge me to do so
So I went ahead and did my research on which one I should buy. I was looking for a scanner that would be able to read ALL vehicles that has OBD II, ability to tell me that code and what the code means, and the ability to clear it. This scanner did all of that and I'm very happy with my purchase.
Here are some things that I did soon as I got the device in the mail. I downloaded the program form their website (Maxi-Link v1.04) in order to update it to it's latest firmware, plugged it in with the provided USB cable, followed the steps and it was up to date! And to my surprise they even had a DTC Lookup manual in their program in case you forgot what the code description was or if someone knew the code but didn't know what it means, this was extremely handy to have. It had P0, P2, P3, U0 and U3 within the DTC lookup, codes with P1, P3, and U1 you would have to do research as they are manufacturer specific. Another neat feature is that this scanner allows you to view freeze frame data and the I/M Monitor is very useful also.
The LED screen is very nice to have as some scanner don't even have a lit screen, even more expensive ones doesn't sometime. But I only wish the buttons like ENTER/Exit and Scroll were lit also but it's not something that I would knock off a star for.
As I said before, I did a lot of research so here are some reasons why I chose this product over the others.


I used it on my 2010 Toyota Prius, found a code telling me to replace the hybrid battery, took it to Toyota, they confirmed it, and just waited on my decision for the dealer to replace the hybrid for close to 5000$ dollars, 4000$ battery, 600$ labor, and I would be charged for disposal of the battery also. I research using the internet, decided to take my car back from the Toyota after paying them 120$ for basically nothing I couldn't do myself in this case. I drove my car home plugged the scanner and erased the code, after doing so the car started and it's still working like nothing happened. I had several lights, and the hybrid had stop working, it was running on gas 100% of the time,now that's all goan. I purchased another scanner (cellphone bluetooth type) that let's me check the condition of all 14 sets of hybrid batteries and they all are working properly. Very happy with this device, a few coworkers used it and found it extremely useful (check engine light)
Sorry I wrote this using my cellphone just after waking up, hope it helps.

Daniel Rivera

Has worked well when the check engine light comes on. I had an issue with my coolant thermostat and was able to diagnose it before visiting the mechanic through the web with the code I got and the symptoms I had. I wanted to see if the new mechanic place was going to be honest (I just moved to a new state), so I didn't say anything about it except the check engine light went on. The mechanic told me that was the issue and nothing else, I knew I found a good mechanic.

8. Autel MS300 OBD2 Scanner Code Reader, Turn Off Check Engine Light, Read & Erase Fault Codes, Check Emission Monitor Status CAN Diagnostic Scan Tool

Autel MS300 OBD2 Scanner Code Reader, Turn Off Check Engine Light, Read & Erase Fault Codes, Check Emission Monitor Status CAN Diagnostic Scan Tool

  • Easy 2 Button Design to read and clear codes
  • CD catalog of 7000 Trouble codes and descriptions

Reviews from Real Users

Just trying to help =)

Like I said in the title, this works on ever car I own 2007 and up.
The price is so cheap and it works perfect. Plug it in, pull the codes, google the codes and find the issues.
Can also reset with this.


This little handy device will save you SO much trouble and money if you have a slightly older car like mine that has fairly regular check engine lights.

I use this (and let all of my friends use this) ALL the time. The device plugs right into your car and has simple instructions to diagnose any problems your car is experiencing or dashboard lights that come on. Once the diagnostics have completed, it shows you the error codes your car has produced, and you use their handy booklet to decode and identify the problems you are experiencing.

Once you have the code, you will probably have to do some research on exactly what might be going wrong, as some of the descriptions are brief or beyond my knowledge with cars, but there's plenty of online resources that can help with this.

I saved money and time by using this to diagnose my car and fix it without having to take it to a mechanic, who often charge a fee just for running this EXACT diagnostic test! This device also gives you the option to reset your car's lights to see if the problem is persistent.

All in all, this is a super handy piece of equipment for an incredibly reasonable price. Be careful though, you may find that all of your friends want to borrow this from you all the time! Not a bad problem to have.

Let me know if this review was helpful, or if you have any questions, and I'll try to respond to any that you might have!

Nicole J.

Our vehicle hates multi-state road trips with different gas octanes along the way. Did you know that cruise control doesn't work when the check engine light comes on? This was a LIFESAVER on a long trip. On our way there, we had to stop three times to have it read and/or cleared - first, the initial panic after the light came on ~30 minutes after getting gas in a new state (and they wouldn't clear it). Second, the dealership diagnosed the "minor inconvenience but safe to drive" problem, warning us that the light would come back on if the engine was turned off. Third, because you have to eat sometime.

Trying to drive long stretches of highway without cruise control on a 30+ hour trip is NO FUN. We had this delivered to our destination and it paid for itself on the way home. We are learning to care & maintain our vehicles ourselves and this has been a useful tool. Diagnoses and clears codes easily. We've owned it for ~8 months.

9. LAUNCH Creader 3001 OBD2 Scanner, Engine Fault Code Reader Mode 6 CAN Diagnostic Scan Tool for All OBDII Protocol Cars Since 1996, Lifetime Free Up

LAUNCH Creader 3001 OBD2 Scanner, Engine Fault Code Reader Mode 6 CAN Diagnostic Scan Tool for All OBDII Protocol Cars Since 1996, Lifetime Free Update

  • [ Read and Clear Codes ] : LAUNCH Creader 3001 obd2 scanner read and clear fault codes for engine system. In addition, Creader 3001 built in fault codes definition lookup library. LAUNCH Creader 3001 obd2 scanner works on most 1996 and newer US-based vehicles that are OBDII compliant (OBDII protocols: KWP2000, ISO9141, J1850 VPW, J1850 PWM and CAN). “PLUG AND PLAY” scan tool, equipped with a 2. 5 feet long cable and made of a very thick flexible insulator, very easy to use for beginners.
  • [ I/M Readiness Status Test] : You can use this obd2 scanner to check the status of emission-related monitors misfire system and fuel system, make sure the monitor was set before taking it to smog, help you pass the Smog Check easily, save your money for paying fine tickets.
  • [ Check Engine Light and Identify VIN information] : Turns off the MIL , if you finished repairing the faulty components, then clear the fault codes and turn on the vehicle ignition, it is surprise that you will find the check engine light is off. And more, LAUNCH Creader 3001 obd2 scanner can read the car’s information such as VIN number.
  • [ View Freeze Frame/Live Data Stream/ O2 Sensor/ Evap System test/ On-Board Monitor Test] : LAUNCH Creader 3001 is one useful and economic OBD2 FULL FUNCTION automotive diagnostic tool, support read live data for engine system, quick detecting vehicle failures, saving you the trips to your mechanic.
  • [ 5 YEARS ]Recommended by Mechanic Scotty Kilmer on Youtube. 100% Money Back ; If you are not satisfied with our obd2 scanner for any reason, send it back for a 100% no questions asked refund. ! Providing you with high quality product and friendliest customer service are our forever goal !

Reviews from Real Users


Better than I had hoped. Excellent product, easy to understand, easy to operate. Doesn't even require batteries, as it works off of the car's system. So it's always ready to use. Takes most of the mystery out of those annoyingly vague trouble lights. Bought this model because of numerous good reviews from various sources and it lives up to its reputation. You can pay more for other models but why would you want to ? Seller was prompt and professional. Item arrived within a couple of days. I intend to keep this in my glove box at all times.


I used this to check the A/F and O2 sensors on my truck to determine if the sensors were bad or if I really needed to replace my catalytic converter. The I/M readiness information is useful when you are preparing for a smog inspection.


I was using an OBD2 scanner that linked to my smartphone but unless I wanted to pay much money for an app that gave me more than the elementary functions it did not do enough. This Creader has many features and easy to use. No need for batteries as it runs off your car's voltage. The screen is bright and very easy to read plus it has lots of features that my old one did not have unless you paid for a better app.

10. OBD2 Scanner Bluetooth SinoTrack Auto Diagnostic Scan Tool Car Fault Check Engine Light Wireless Car Code Reader for iOS & Android Compatible for

OBD2 Scanner Bluetooth SinoTrack Auto Diagnostic Scan Tool Car Fault Check Engine Light Wireless Car Code Reader for iOS & Android Compatible for All OBDII Protocol Vehicle Bluetooth 4.0

  • Compact but Powerful Tool: Providing fault codes along with definitions makes it easy for even owners unfamiliar with car trouble conditions to keep track of vehicle information. This latest version code reader integrates code reading, live data stream, oxygen sensor test, battery voltage test, I/M readout, vehicle information, freeze frame, EVAP test (fuel evaporation system), and DTC library, and other powerful features in 16 languages including Spanish.
  • Compatible with Most Vehicles: A necessary wireless Bluetooth car diagnostic tool for today’s car owners, this vehicle fault code reader is suitable for consumer cars, light trucks, and other cars of 1996 and newer models (gasoline or diesel) that are purchased in the US in compliance with OBD II/Protocol
  • Plug and Play: Even though beginner drivers can use it easily, no complicated setup installation, 1. Plug the code reader into your car’s onboard OBD2 port; 2. download an app and then pair the diagnostic scan tool with your phone via Bluetooth; How simple and efficient! We provide the video guide(iOS/Android) to help you complete the diagnosis more intuitively
  • Efficiency and Savings: In a situation where the car breaks down on the road, know what is wrong with your car before taking it to a mechanic. This small tool is exactly what you need, instead of spending hundreds of dollars sending to the garage to figure out what’s happening, monitor the status of your vehicle and find the issues do maintenance on a time basis, and even fix the small issue by yourselves
  • Fast Accurate Result: Diagnose your vehicle fault in seconds, the upgrade intelligent chip using the latest technology, based on the principle of chip improvement, making the Bluetooth connection very stable, this V019 car reader reading speed increased by 80%. Faster reading speed than most other OBDII wireless Bluetooth OBD2 readers
  • Real-time Data: IOS &Android available, Use this V019 diagnostic fault code reader to monitor real-time live gauge data directly from your car’s computer system. Access a whole of information about your vehicle directly on your phone or tablet, sensor data, engine coolant & oil temperature, O2 Readings, Mass airflow, monitor fuel economy, and more to discover. OBDII Car Diagnostic Scanner saves the high cost of going to the store to diagnose your car
  • Essential Practical Car Gadget: As a multifunctional car health tools OBD2 scanner, it will help your gasoline or diesel vehicle drive longer miles! A thoughtful choice to gift yourself or your family. 24 hours online customer service and a 2-year quality warranty offer no-worry purchasing
  • Warm Tips: This Bluetooth diagnostic car scanner can not read the temperature of the transmission, please kindly know it. If you have any other questions about this unit, please feel free to ask SinoTrack Team.

What to Consider for car code reader

Here are the key considerations

Features You are Looking for

The product should have the features you are looking for. All the reputed marketplaces and online shops write product descriptions, read them, assess them according to your need. If you are not happy with what they wrote on there, ask them.

You know what? Ifs better to regrate before than after purchasing a product online. Returning products is a hassle.

While checking the product features, compare its pros and cons. Here in our list, we picked the {replaceKey} features from Amazon, to make a quick look. Hope that helps.

Users Feedback and Brand Recognition

Certainly, a product is available on the market for a while, the brand hit some sales and obviously, there is a customer base. If you make a few google searches and read some user feedback you will get a nice idea about that product and brand value and recognition.

The good thing is here we have compiled some good feedback from real users, I mean verified product owners.

There are a few tricks to understand a brand value and recognition like how loyal the customers are, how much visible the brand is? What is their customer support like?

Support and warranty

Sometimes the product you purchase needs customer support and that’s important. So it’s better to check their official website and support system. How faster their response is and how helpful they are.

So support depends on your product type and services. You should define the product and how consistent customer support you will be needing or not.

Product Price

Product price plays an important role in purchase decisions. Yes, some products provide real value for the money, but it does not mean high price product is always good. But you know money talks and a product with better price, chances are the product is good.


The customer reviews compiled above helped you to understand the pros and cons of the product. Customers review helps to take decision real quick. It saves your time and effort. So you got some idea on car code reader, That is our happiness.

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