What Is The Best Basmati Rice

What are the best basmati rice in the market? Yes, they are tons and that often makes people confused. But based on real verified user’s feedback and reviews and best selling list of different marketplaces we have listed here top 10 basmati rice we listed and compiled reviews from verified purchase owners.

So, if you like to have one basmati rice hope the following feedback from real users will help you a lot.

Note that we compiled here only five star ratings and reviews.

Best basmati rice Comparison Table

Best Overall
Iberia Premium Aged Indian Basmati Rice, 10 Pounds
Iberia Premium Aged Indian Basmati Rice, 10 Pounds
Editor's Choice
Royal White Basmati Rice, 10 Pound
Royal White Basmati Rice, 10 Pound
Nice Pick
Tilda Pure Basmati Rice, Premium Aromatic and Authentic Rice, Large Resealable Bag, 10-Pound Bag,White
Tilda Pure Basmati Rice, Premium Aromatic and Authentic Rice, Large Resealable Bag, 10-Pound Bag,White

Top 10 Best Basmati Rice

basmati rice
Here are the top basmati rice we picked, check their features.

1. Iberia Premium Aged Indian Basmati Rice, 10 Pounds

Iberia Premium Aged Indian Basmati Rice, 10 Pounds

  • Authentic basmati rice Imported from India.
  • Fluffy, aromatic, and delicate tasting.
  • Naturally gluten free and vegan.
  • No fat, sodium or cholesterol.
  • Comes in a 10 lb bag with an attached handle for easy lifting and carrying.

Reviews from Real Users


Very nice rice! Excellent flavor and consistency. I really powered thru this first bag and now it is available again. I woud have to say it is the best basmati I have ever had. Goes over well for many recipes. Yum!


Great tasting rice and a cute burlap bag too. It has a plastic bag inside.


Don’t dislike this product . Love it.!!

2. Tilda Pure Basmati Rice, Premium Aromatic and Authentic Rice, Large Resealable Bag, 10-Pound Bag,White

Tilda Pure Basmati Rice, Premium Aromatic and Authentic Rice, Large Resealable Bag, 10-Pound Bag,White

  • DELICIOUS BASMATI RICE: Tilda Pure Basmati Rice is grown and harvested at the foothills of the Himalayas. We use the finest-quality grains that give our Basmati rice a wonderful aroma and long, fluffy texture that you’ll adore from the very first taste.
  • READY IN 8–10 MINUTES: Our Pure Basmati Rice grains cook up perfectly in 8–10 minutes and come out fluffy every time. You can repackage the rice with our resealable and non-BPA packaging to store it in your pantry for later use.
  • TASTY & CONVENIENT RICE: These large rice bags are gluten-free and Non-GMO Project Verified, making them a great option for any family meal. This Basmati rice is also certified Kosher and cholesterol-free with no preservatives added!
  • THE PERFECT PAIRING: Eat this long-grain white rice as a main course or as a side with a variety of different recipes. Mix it in with your soups, add it to your curries and biryani dishes, or enjoy this rice with other yummy Indian cuisines.
  • EMBRACE UNIQUE CULTURES: With 50 years of heritage and hard work, Tilda provides you with all kinds of delicious and tasty rice dishes that will inspire you to explore different cultures and live a richer life that’s full of flavor.

Reviews from Real Users

A. Robinson

I had not been able to get my regular basmati rice so took a chance with this Amazon product. The taste of the cooked rice was really perfect.

Sheila B.

This rice is awesome. It doesn't clump or become sticky. The flavor is good. And yes, it has flavor. I used it as a side dish, chicken and rice, and stuffed cabbage. And all my meals turned out great. The only downside is the price, it's a little pricey, but the flavor is awesome.

Robert Shah

Even though they are more costly than most rice, they worth every penny

3. Royal White Basmati Rice, 10 Pound

Royal White Basmati Rice, 10 Pound

  • Premium and authentic white Basmati rice from the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains, 10lb bag
  • Long and fluffy grain, naturally aromatic and aged over 12 months for the perfect non-sticky texture and a delicate, sweet flavor.
  • The best basmati rice for curries, pilafs, stir-fries, or as a side on it’s own, is ready in about 15 – 20 minutes
  • Sourced, grown, harvested, and cared for with the highest level of integrity and expertise from local growers in regions that are renowned for producing the finest crops, ensuring a consistent product quality
  • Royal Basmati rice nutrition overview: vegan, non-GMO, naturally gluten-free, kosher, Halal, non-fat

Reviews from Real Users


Since I found this brand a few years ago I buy nothing else! If you have ever been disappointed in how your rice comes out -- the problem is not in your cooking method, it is in the rice itself. You need better rice. This rice is outstanding.

Susan Rowland PhD, RN

I ordered my favorite Basmati rice on-line for the first time as it was out at the grocery store I usually buy it at. It just arrived along with a kind note of encouragement during the Covid-19 pandemic from the staff at Pride of India. This kind gesture is an example of the gracious humanity during this stressful time and it brought me to tears. I am now a fan of Pride of India and will order from no one else in gratitude forever.

Timothy Raleigh

I like my rice, especially basmati rice. A little odd for a Norsky but hey, uff da. It was becoming scarce so I was thrilled to find it here. Basmati has a rich nutty flavor, cooks quick and evenly and it is low calorie and very filling. Prices have increased but still very reasonable for a staple. It keeps almost forever, but some mayfly type bugs may hatch out if you don't keep it cool and dry. This bag came with a small puncture, but no harm and no foul. I will enjoy this product and will buy more when I run out.

4. Bombay Market Basmati White Rice – 4 Pound Bag

Bombay Market Basmati White Rice - 4 Pound Bag

  • Naturally Aromatic Basmati Rice
  • 4 Pound Bag
  • Cooking Directions Included
  • Ingredients: Basmati Rice

Reviews from Real Users

J. P. Wellborn

One part Basmati rice to two parts (boiling) water. Rinse the rice first until clear. Mix a teaspoon of salt with the rinsed rice and stir into a preheated sauce pan with a bit of oil or butter. The bottom of the pan should become slightly cloudy as you stir and that's when you add in and stir the rice with your two cups of boiling water; cover tightly and simmer the rice for 18 minutes. Then, remove from the heat and allow the rice to steam, cover still on, for 10 more minutes. Uncover the rice, fluff with a fork and serve. It's just perfect! Serves 4


Amazon Customer

I have used this rice for many years and never had a complaint. It gets a little sticky sometimes i guess maybe not putting in enough water. That is the only complaint and it is basically my fault. The two stores I shop in did not have any on the shelf and that is why I ordered from AMAZON. I got it in 2 days and that was great because I completely ran out. I have no problem recommending BOMBAY BASMATI WHITE RICE

5. Pride Of India – Extra Long Indian Basmati Rice, Naturally Aged Aromatic Grain, 3.3 Pound (1.5 Kilo) Jar (2.2 Pound + 50% Extra Free = 3.3 Pounds T

Pride Of India - Extra Long Indian Basmati Rice, Naturally Aged Aromatic Grain, 3.3 Pound (1.5 Kilo) Jar (2.2 Pound + 50% Extra Free = 3.3 Pounds Total)

  • Raw Aromatic Indian Basmati Rice
  • 100% Natural – Aged for a 2-year period – 1 Kilogram (2.2 Pound)
  • Extra Long & Thin grain size upon cooking
  • Sold in Sealed Food grade gourmet Pet plastic jars

Reviews from Real Users

M. Thukral

We have been using this brand of brown rice for over a year now. We also mix some other grains in it, tastes great (Pride Of India - Organic Red Royal Quinoa - 100% Bolivian Superior Grade Protein Rich Whole Grain, 1.5 Pound (24oz) Jar)

As for cooking the product, the directions on the box are not very helpful and neither are correct. The rice will not cook if soaked for 15-20 minutes. We generally soak the rice overnight before cooking it. Water used to cook is 3 times than the quantity of the rice (One cup rice and three cups water). Brown rice generally takes more time to cook than white rice. Hope this tip helps.


Everything it says it is. I was pleasantly surprized with everything about it... extra long grain like I like, cooks up just right (no unpleasant surprises), aroma is very nice (dinner guests love it).

I have been using nothing but this rice for a couple of years, and frequently make it just to fill the kitchen with it's wonderful aroma; of course, I eat it too. Before experiencing this rice, I hardly ever ate rice; just wasn't my thing. Now, I prefer it to French fries or mashed potatoes.

There is another product sold on Amazon by the same name and has the same packaging that has very poor reviews, and sells for less; weird. I have no idea what that's all about, but I can vouch for this particular one as being of high quality and value.

Rice, Basmati... the better rice
Prep 30 mins ∙ Cook 15 mins ∙ Makes 3 cups cooked rice

1 cup Basmati Rice
2 cups water
½ tsp salt (or to taste)
splash of oil or bit of butter
⅛ tsp turmeric (optional)

Using a strainer, gently rinse rice thoroughly with water to remove excess starch. Carful... the rice is britle and breaks easily. We are trying to get rid of small particles, not make more... easy does it.

Soak rice in cold water for 30 minutes for softer, less brittle rice.

Drain well, and transfer rice to pot with a good fitting lid.

Add salt and butter to the rice and toss gently; gently. The butter not only adds flavor, but helps prevent the water from boiling over.

Boil water in a seperate kettle or pot, and pour over the rice.

Set pot over medium-high heat. When water starts boiling and steaming again, cover pot with tight fitting lid, reduce heat to just above it's lowest setting, and let rice cook for 15 minutes undisturbed.

After 15 minutes, remove pot from heat, with lid still on (no peeking!); let rice steam another 5 minutes.

Uncover rice, fluff it up with a fork.

Fun with Tumeric:
To add a bit of color, mix ⅛ teaspoon turmeric with a tablespoon of water, then add a handful of some still hot rice to the mixture. Then mix this rice back into the white rice.

RICE Comparison:

Jasmine Rice (sticky)
Jasmine rice is originally from Thailand and commonly used in Southeast Asian cooking. This is a long grain variety of rice that has a subtle floral aroma and a soft, sticky texture when cooked. The grains are also shorter and thicker than basmati rice.

Before cooking it's important to wash all types of rice to remove dust and excess starch. Jasmine rice is traditionally cooked by steaming or using the absorption method, which simply means it's cooked in a measured amount of water which is completely absorbed by the rice.

Basmati Rice (non-sticky)
Basmati rice hails from the foothills of the Himalayas in northern India and Pakistan. There are some varieties grown in the U.S., but they aren't quite as good as the imported varieties. This is a long grain variety of rice commonly used in Indian, Middle Eastern and Persian cooking. Basmati rice is commonly available at most grocery stores and is available in both white and brown varieties.

Basmati rice needs to be soaked for at least 30 minutes before cooking. This allows the grains to absorb water and cook evenly without breaking. Basmati rice is traditionally cooked by boiling it in water.

Texmati rice is grown in Texas, and is a cross between Basmati and Texas long grain rice. We prefer Basmati over Texmati. To my taste, Texmati is missing length, fluffiness, aroma, and flavor compared to... okay... Texmati sucks compared to India Basmati. Although Jasmine is similar to Basmati and pretty good in it's own right, Basmati is a hard act to follow.

So... rinse and repeat to give either rice a thorough washing (carful not to break the grains... easy does it), then soak for at least 30 minutes to prepare it for cooking. Skipping either step will result in an end product that will surely disappoint. These fancier rices are a far cry from Minute Rice, and the other common, everyday rices most American's are used to. They require a lil' extra effort and care to prepare, but the end result is oh so worth it.

I hope this helps.

Mike Vafaei

I love rice. I know how to cook it PROPERLY. I can tell good rice from not-so-good rice easily. I can spot bad rice and low quality rice from 50 yards. I can tell the quality and the area that rice comes from by just smelling it. I can say a a lot about rice and... What I’m trying to say is I’m kind of an expert when it comes to rice, especially basmati rice, so believe me you! My evaluation is valid.
This is an amazing rice. The name matches the quality. They should be proud of this product. 35 years of cooking and eating basmati rice and I have never tasted anything better than this. Its aroma, its grain size when you cook it right, and its fluffiness is even better than the most premium, high quality Persian rice which by the way is about 10 times more expensive than this. I’m sold and I’m a fan. I’ve been recommending this to everyone I know and I’m recommending this to you.

6. Lundberg Family Farms – Organic California White Basmati Rice, Pleasant Aroma, Fluffy Texture, Won’t Clump When Cooked, Bulk Rice, Gluten-Free, Non

Lundberg Family Farms - Organic California White Basmati Rice, Pleasant Aroma, Fluffy Texture, Won

  • SOFT & SCENTED: California White Basmati is favored for its versatility & pleasant aroma. This long, thin grain is light & won’t clump together when cooked, making it a natural fit for curry, stir-fry, salad, pilaf, & dessert recipes.
  • THOUGHTFULLY CRAFTED: This rice is perfectly suited for recipes that call for distinct kernels with a fluffy texture. Utilize this non-sticky rice in a simple salad or have it take you somewhere more exotic by using it in a Japanese curry rice dish!
  • GOOD FROM THE GRAIN UP: This product is Non-GMO Project Verified, USDA Certified Organic, gluten-free, vegan, & Kosher. At Lundberg Family Farms, we strive to make every bite of our grains as healthful as they are delicious.
  • LEAVE THE LAND BETTER THAN YOU FOUND IT: There’s more to food than flavor. Our focus on organic, non-GMO & diverse grains helps create a food system that doesn’t drain our earth’s resources, & that puts meals on your table of the highest quality.
  • CULTIVATING A FAMILY TRADITION: For over four generations, the Lundberg family has produced high-quality organic rice products. Our mission is to honor our family farming legacy by nourishing, conserving, & innovating for a healthier world.

Reviews from Real Users

S. Young

I'm working towards a vegetarian and eventually vegan diet. I used to be low carb/Keto off/on but I'm switching. I love whole grains, rice, pasta, bread way too much to cut them out constantly. I think I will find the balance with a more whole foods plant based diet and this rice is so darn good and fits right into my plans. I hope Amazon keeps offering it... New Year again and New me again!

Reber Rascal

Excellent basmati flavor and US grown make this rice a winner. It should be cooked with less water than other rices- instead of 2 waters to 1 rice, it's better with 1.5 waters to 1 rice.

Kindle Customer

No arsenic in this rice grown in California and not China. Good rice. No plastic "rice looking" pieces.

7. Daawat Ultima Extra Long Grain Basmati Rice, 2-Years Aged, 10lbs

Daawat Ultima Extra Long Grain Basmati Rice, 2-Years Aged, 10lbs

  • Extra Long Grain Rice
  • Premium aged rice 2 years
  • Promoted by famous chef Sanjeev Kapoor
  • Net Weight: 10lbs
  • Best for the tastiest Biryani

Reviews from Real Users


In the last 3 years, I've purchased through Amazon three different 10-lb bags of Basmati rice - Tilda, Dunar Elonga, and this Daawat Ultima. All three were very tasty, with Daawat Ultima having the longest grain. All three cook exceptionally well with 2-parts water to 1-part rice. I have never had any issues with bugs or anything off-putting, and like very much the ability to choose from a wide range of Basmati options. I simply can't find these products in my local food stores. I bought the glass container pictured in the photo when I bought my first 10-lb bag. It holds the entire contents of the 10-lb bag, and makes getting to the rice so easy and quick. Plus, it looks cool on my kitchen counter.

Jonathan M.

It took us quite some time to get the right ratio down for the perfect rice but we finally got it. 1.75 cups of water for each cup of rice and a spoonful of salt. make sure to rinse the rice before hand and soak for a good half hour. bring to boil, add rice, wait for full boil again, cover, reduce to heat to extreme minimum, wait 15 mins, and most important, don't disturb it. you may think it will scorch but it shouldn't. if you want to keep the long grains in tact just wait.


I've been eating rice all my life, and this is probably the best one I've ever had in terms of flavor, texture, and fragrance. The rice grains are long and slender, and the flavor is really exceptional. We cooked it just like ordinary rice -- 1 cup rice in 2 cups of boiling water with a little salt and butter. Brought it back to a boil and then covered and turned it down to a simmer. After 15 minutes of simmering it, we took it off the heat, and let it stand for 5 more minutes. It was perfect...no clumping, great flavor. I probably would use my usual Texmati rice for making pilaf, soups, stews, and other applications (mainly because I'm used to using that and can gauge the outcome precisely) -- and serve this Ultima Basmati as a stand alone, plain with fish or meat or whatever. I'm so happy to be able to buy this through Amazon too...it was at my doorstep the next day. In the past, I'd never be able to find a rice like this, but now, presto! I can enjoy rice from across the world. This new rice was a complete culinary adventure for me...and I highly recommend it, just plain with a little butter, as is.

8. Himalayan Chef Basmati Rice, Long Grain Rice Fluffy Quick Cooking Aromatic – 10 lbs.

Himalayan Chef Basmati Rice, Long Grain Rice Fluffy Quick Cooking Aromatic - 10 lbs.

  • Great Tasting: Long and fluffy grain, naturally aromatic and aged over 12 months For the perfect non-sticky texture and a delicate, sweet flavor.
  • Easy to Cook: rice is ready in about 15-20 minutes and is great for curries, pilafs, stir-fries, or as a side on it’s own.
  • Naturally Sourced: Basmati rice is a variety of long-grained rice that originates in the foothills of the Himalayas.
  • Nutritious: our Himalayan Chef Basmati Rice is vegan, Non-GMO, Naturally gluten-free, kosher, halal, and non-fat.
  • Money Back Warranty: Customer satisfaction Is Our priority, if in case of any reason you feel Our product is not for you, We offer a 30-day money back guarantee.

Reviews from Real Users


Aromatic and long grain as mentioned. Liked the briyani I made out of it. Tastes yummy.


I thought "rice was rice". I bought this and WOW, it cooked up perfectly in my rice cooker! Tender, extra long grains of rice with great flavor. I've been eating it plain its so good! Shared with a coworker who loves it too. Its the BEST tasting rice I've ever eaten. It even looks perfect--fluffy, tender, individual grains--not a mushy bland blob. Made in my cheap rice cooker--looks like it should be in a magazine and served at expensive restraurants. Served with cashew chicken, served cajun lima beans and sausage over it, and next will try it with chickpea curry.

Ian D.

This is very nice rice. Unlike some other races I’ve used, this absolutely does need to be rinsed before cooking unless you don’t mind it being very sticky. But that’s common among many strains of rice and so can’t reasonably be seen as a negative. And the rice you wind up with is worth the trouble of rinsing it before hand. Enjoy!

9. Royal White Basmati Rice, 4 Pounds (2 x 2 Pound Bag) (Pack of 2)

Royal White Basmati Rice, 4 Pounds (2 x 2 Pound Bag) (Pack of 2)

  • Aged over 12 months For perfect non-sticky texture and sweet flavor.
  • Naturally Sourced from local growers in regions renowned for producing the finest crops
  • Easy-to-cook in just 15-20 minutes
  • Royal rice is vegan, Non-GMO, gluten-fee, Kosher, Halal, and non-fat.
  • Brought to you from Royal, America’s best-selling Basmati rice

Reviews from Real Users


This is the same rice that Taziki's Restaurant uses, because I asked them. I usually buy brown rice, but I wanted to try this rice. I actually thought I ordered the stovetop kind but it's not, it's the microwave kind. Next time I will order that because I prefer my rice cooked on the stove.

L. Bembenek

This rice smells heavenly when it’s cooking and is just so delicate and delicious. And even though delicate, it holds up to re-cooking if you have leftovers. This is my favorite rice.


I love Basmati rice and this was such a good deal for SO.MUCH.RICE. It tastes great and a little goes a long way. It cooked faster than what the packaging said.

10. Laxmi Diabetic Friendly Basmati Rice w/ Lower G.I. Index Value – 10lb

Laxmi Diabetic Friendly Basmati Rice w/ Lower G.I. Index Value - 10lb

  • Laxmi Lower GI Index Basmati Rice is a whole grain natural rice grown in the Himalayas and Pakistan that is characterized by a light nutty flavor
  • Laxmi Basmati Rice is grown in the Himalayas and Pakistan and is a long grain rice that is characterized by a light nutty flavor. Our Basmati Rice is delicious to use in traditional Indian cooking and pairs well with: stir-frys, salads, pilafs, and soups and stews.
  • House of Spices Laxmi Basmati Rice is an all natural food product that is guaranteed fresh. Our Basmati Rice is of the highest quality and will be a delightful addition to any meal.
  • Our Diabetic Friendly Lower Glycemic Index 10lb bag of Laxmi Basmati Rice is conveniently sized for home cooking! House of Spices has all of the Traditional Indian Spices and food products you need to get cooking.
  • At House of Spices, spreading Indian food culture through quality products and family recipes is our company goal! Our authentic Indian Cooking spices are of the best quality and will bring intense flavor and vitality to your dinner table. Whether you’re looking for traditional Indian spices and food products to create an exotic dinner, or simply wanting to indulge your nostalgia and make a dinner with all of the familiar flavors of home, House of Spices has the ingredients you need!

Reviews from Real Users


So my 8 year old loves rice. He was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes 3 months ago. We would give him 1 cup of cooked white rice which equals 44g total carbs. He takes his insulin and his sugar would still spike before returning to normal. This rice did not make his sugar spike AT ALL. We weighed on the scale 150g of cooked basmati rice and it came out to 47g of carbs. It kept his sugar pretty leveled out the rest of the night.

D. Mitchell

Eating a healthy portion of this product did not elevate glucose level so that was good news. Am used to eating sticky rice but the basmati has a good flavor even though vastly different texture.

Serge Mendez

This is the rice for all diabetics out there that are not supposed to eat rice . This one is ok because the index glycemic is low. Take my word for it.

What to Consider for basmati rice

Here are the key considerations

Features You are Looking for

The product should have the features you are looking for. All the reputed marketplaces and online shops write product descriptions, read them, assess them according to your need. If you are not happy with what they wrote on there, ask them.

You know what? Ifs better to regrate before than after purchasing a product online. Returning products is a hassle.

While checking the product features, compare its pros and cons. Here in our list, we picked the {replaceKey} features from Amazon, to make a quick look. Hope that helps.

Users Feedback and Brand Recognition

Certainly, a product is available on the market for a while, the brand hit some sales and obviously, there is a customer base. If you make a few google searches and read some user feedback you will get a nice idea about that product and brand value and recognition.

The good thing is here we have compiled some good feedback from real users, I mean verified product owners.

There are a few tricks to understand a brand value and recognition like how loyal the customers are, how much visible the brand is? What is their customer support like?

Support and warranty

Sometimes the product you purchase needs customer support and that’s important. So it’s better to check their official website and support system. How faster their response is and how helpful they are.

So support depends on your product type and services. You should define the product and how consistent customer support you will be needing or not.

Product Price

Product price plays an important role in purchase decisions. Yes, some products provide real value for the money, but it does not mean high price product is always good. But you know money talks and a product with better price, chances are the product is good.


The customer reviews compiled above helped you to understand the pros and cons of the product. Customers review helps to take decision real quick. It saves your time and effort. So you got some idea on basmati rice, That is our happiness.

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