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How To Work On The Electronic Hearing Protection And Amplification Ear Muffs

In our society, many people want to protect their hearing by using the ear plugs and ear muffs. These products are very famous and easy to buy on the market. However, do you know how they work? I think it is a difficult question for many people. Because they do not care they only know their function, they are also very exciting when knowing a lot of things about these devices. In this article, I will have a brief introduction about how to work on the electronic hearing protection and amplification ear muffs.

Some things to know about the work of ear muffs

Ear Protection for Shooting
Ear Protection for Shooting

Actually, using the ear muffs to protect your hearing brings a lot of unexpected benefits for human health. This equipment can reduce the loud sounds, outside noises effectively such as the loud machinery, the gunfire…..

The inside of ear muffs, some electronic components as microphones will have a duty to receive the outside sounds. After that, these sounds will be reduced by an amplifier. At that time, your ear will hear the normal sounds from the inside of the electronic ear muffs.

You will think that this process will take a lot of time. It is quite wrong thinking. It is very quickly. For example, you must use the ear muffs when working in the noisy environments with your co-workers. You are preparing the machines and you need some bolts, nuts, or some necessary tools you must speak very loud to cover the surrounding sound. Immediately your friend will receive your requirement and take what you need. So you do not worry about wearing ear muffs will affect your work. In fact, it will protect your hearing as well as your health.

Beyond that, you should remember that the amplifier in the electronic ear muffs works very “smart”. You can see this through the following explanations.

  • With the older models and cheap ear muffs, the technology of its work is also simple. The amplification of these ear muffs is often in the low level. When they pick up the external microphones which reach to the dangerous level the amplifier will turn off automatically. Besides, stopping the dangerous sound, the amplifier will continue to amplify the environmental sounds. Thus, you can see that although the ear muffs are old but the quality of its work is very good. Therefore, many people called this device that it has a smart capability.
  • With the new model and more expensive ear muffs, the technology of its work is very great. We can be called like sound compression. This technology will also help you can hear all sounds in the outside but in the safe level without turning off or on automatically. In addition, these types of ear muffs, you can hear all sound even in the low- level sound because they are amplified appropriately. Also, the expensive electronic ear muffs contain two microphones on the outside and two speakers on the inside. These features will help users can determine the sound direction greatly. This is extremely necessary for hunting and some special situation in the army activities.

The important factors which you must consider about the electronic ear muffs

The specification of ear muffs will be very important to consider and check when you want to evaluate that they are good or not. Or this product can meet your needs or need. Some following features should be considered by the users.

  1. NRR rating

    Normally, you will be easy to see the NRR rating how much dB of the electronic ear muffs. Do you understand this number? The NRR is high it means that the ear muffs is enough good to protect your hearing. Depend on the noisy level in your working environment you can choose the suitable ear muffs with the suitable NRR. On the other hands, you need more protection when working in the large sounds for a long time.

  2. Microphones

    Every ear cup will have at least one microphone to determine the sound direction which you will hear. Besides, the separate speakers in the ear cup will support for your hearing when sound is transmitted to. And it is better to have two microphones and two speakers in each ear cup.

  3. Sound compression

    You know that sound compression technology is the advanced feature in the expensive electronic ear muffs. Sound compression will help you hear with the continuity of sound without the on – off sound as the old and cheap models.

    However, you do not worry you will hear the dangerous sounds because the ear muffs can not receive the risk signals from the outside. In fact, sound compression will self -adjust the loud sound and make it safe mode for the users.

  4. The maximum volume

    On the market, you can find out a lot of electronic ear muffs with the different models, sizes, colors, and prices. Each ear muffs will provide the different amplification. The best electronic ear muffs can have the NRR rating about 50 dB for the maximum amplification. Most of the ear muffs will guide users can turn on the safe level to protect your hearing. You can turn on the maximum volume. However, this is not always necessary for every time.

  5. Independent ear cup controls

    It is also necessary to have the independent ear cup controls for electronic ear muffs. This will help the users can adjust the different amplification of each ear cup. It is not always to have the same amplifications of two ear cups. Because you do not like it you want to have the difference. This often occurs in the shooters.


How to work on the electronic hearing protection and amplification ear muffs is not also too difficult to understand. Especially after you read the information in this writing. In addition, now you know why the electronic can reduce the loud sound quickly and effectively. To do it, the electronic ear muffs depend on a lot of different elements which I just explain above. I hope that you will understand about this device and you will have more experience to choose the appropriate electronic ear muffs which they can meet your needs in the best way.

Positive And Negative Effects Of Hunting For Our Lives

You know how to hunt for our lives. Many people like hunting so much and it is a hobby only. However, for some people, hunting is a career to earn money. In fact, there are a lot of ideas as well as the different evaluations about hunting.

Thus, how about your opinion on this problem? You think hunting should be banned or not. So many questions and solutions are given around the hunting issues. In this article, it will discuss two sides of hunting, they include the positive and negative effects of hunting. I hope you will have a lot of knowledge about hunting and you also understand correctly of hunting for our lives.

No Hunting Without Permision
No Hunting Without Permision

Some Information About Hunting

Before, the humans lived by hunting so hunting has a long life. Many people lived with hunting and it is a part of their lives even hunting is passed from this generation to other generation. Therefore, hunting should not be banned because it is a traditional job and still remains to this day. However, hunting is considered like a cruel, barbaric, and inhumane.

The government also organizes some programs to urge us protecting the wildlife because that is the forest resources. We are really difficult to understand hunting has the positive effects or negative effects. You will receive this answer right now.

Positive And Negative Effects Of Hunting For Our Lives

Some positive effects of hunting

It is not simple to give a result that hunting brings the positive effects. So we must base on some proven basis. Here are four main reasons which you can find out the persuasions. They are:

  1. Provide fresh food and delicious food for human;
  2. Be a great recreation;
  3. Can control the animal populations;
  4. Create the big profit for businesses.

Hunting brings fresh and delicious food so in some areas hunters have a lot of experiences and good skills to hunt a deer. Nowadays, our food is more diversified, however, meat from hunting is more delicious and more nutritious than meat from the market.

Besides, some people said that they go hunting as a fun activity. Sometimes they only want to try their skill of hunting. At that time, hunting is considered like a hobby for every people of all age. Actually, hunting is a legal recreation in many countries. They can come to some allowed areas to hunt animals and they must have a license for hunting.

Although many people protest the hunt because hunters killed a lot of wild animals they destroyed our forest resources. But hunters and some supporters of hunting feel that hunting can control the animal populations. And this is also true. Many studies showed that some animals populations grow enough large they can damage to the human’s lives, the ecosystem and a lot of personal property. Thus, it is necessary to have the existence of hunting.

We must also assert that hunting creates a big profit for some businesses. The hunting industry can be expressed through clothing, ammunition and firearms…. In addition, most of the hunters are also the conversations. They know when you must hunt an animal. They link with some big businesses to consume animals which are raised in the conservation zones of wild animals. Of course, the businesses can earn a lot of money when the meat quality from these animals is sold on the market.

All the above analysis will help you see the positive effects of hunting. This is very reasonable which you can deny about hunting.

Some negative effects of hunting

When we show some positive effects of hunting, there are many ideas to counter. These people also give some convincing negative effects. Let’s explore this as follows:

  1. Affect the balance of ecosystem;
  2. Change the hibernation of wildlife;
  3. Have a lot of the poaching situation;
  4. Affect the environment;

Hunting can affect the ecosystem of wild animals that human is trying to protect all over the world. We know that each ecosystem is different from others. If an animal or living creature is meeting the danger of extinction, it will affect to the whole of the ecosystem. At this time, it is unbalanced leading to the disruption of the food chain. The food is extremely important for all animals existing in a population. Therefore, hunting will affect directly to the development of other animals and living creatures.

Besides, hunting will change how animals move and hibernate. What is the reason? Because when animals go to migrate, they can be killed by hunters. Moreover, the wild animals will feel unsafe and very fear when hunters make the wild world have some strange noise and surely animals will not go to hibernate. So this will be dangerous to the survival and reproduction of animals.

Although hunting is allowed for some areas, however, many hunters do not have the license of hunting because in fact hunting laws is very strict. It is called the poaching. And the illegal hunting is a serious threat to our environment and wildlife. At this time, the poachers only think their interests rather than the balance of an ecosystem.

Hunting adversely affects the environment. For example, hunters must drive the long distance until they find out the desired location for their hunt. This causes to emit CO2. Moreover, they often make a camp site and campfires. The smoke which is emitted by the fire will be dangerous both wild animals and our environment too much.

In short, we can not easily conclude that hunting is good or not good for human’s life. You must spend a lot of appreciations and the logical analysis from the professional researchers. Now you have a convincing explanation of hunting. Hunting does not only have the positive effects but also negative effects. So you must promote the positive sides and limit the negative sides. Helping the wildlife means that we are helping our environment becomes better. I hope you will get a lot of useful information about hunting in my writing.

Some Necessary Information About Canister And Liquid Fuel Stoves

How is a successful camp? In my opinion, I think a camp is only really successful when it ends safely with a lot of good memories. To help the great result for your camp, every people must give some ideas for preparing, cooking, organizing the exciting games…Making a plan for a camp is extremely important and everything must be prepared carefully. One of the devices cannot forget in any camp it is a camping stove. This stove will help all members in a camp enjoying the delicious foods and help all people have a great time together also. Many people think that a camping stove is very easy to buy or can take any stove, providing that it is lightweight and uses easily. On the market it is not difficult to choose a suitable one. But it is so dangerous if you do not know any information about it. You will get a lot of necessary knowledge about camping stove, especially canister stoves and liquid fuel stoves through this article.

Some The Most Common Camping Stove Today

You should not think that you can bring any stoves for your camp or picnic which it is small and convenient to cook. It is wrong and dangerous thinking because if you have any carelessly you can be the cause of accidents such as: explosion, fire, etc. It is the reason why the manufactures about stoves created the camping stoves to ensure the safety as well as to bring the convenience for those who like camping. Here are some common camping stoves to help the customers can choose the suitable stoves as follows:

  • Canister stoves
  • System integrated gas stoves
  • Liquid fuel stoves
  • Multi- fuel stoves
  • Alternate – fuel stoves

This diversity will help the customers have a lot of choices. However, any stoves also have the different advantages and disadvantages and the camping stoves are not the exception.

Canister Stoves And Liquid Fuel Stoves Which You Need To Know

To have the safety during using we must know not only some detail information about the camping stoves, but also how to use of each product. 5 products listed above are widely used in our life. But I will mention two types of camping stoves which many consumers bought the most in the last years. They are canister stoves and liquid fuel stoves.

1. Canister stoves

Canister stove uses the compressed gas fuel, including: isobutane gas and propane gas. Isobutane gas has the good temperature and cleanliness. In the cold condition this isobutane gas is better than butane gas. Besides, the canister gas bottle will seal automatically when it is removable from the stove and it will eliminate the possibility of fuel leakage.

Canister Stoves

The canister gas bottle is connected to the stove under 2 types:

  • Upright: the stove is attached to the upper gas bottle. This is the most compact option. However, with the high gas bottle, it may be inclined or felt and it cannot sustain with the big pots.
  • Low- profile: The stove is located on the separate soles and is connected to the gas bottle by a fuel pipe. Gas cylinders can upside down to increase the efficiency in the cold weather. In addition, the pot rack will support the large size pot can firm more. However, this kind is bulky and heavy, so it is not convenient if you want to take it to camping in far place.

The biggest obstacle of the upright type is reduced the freezing temperatures (below 0 degrees Celsius) It is the reason of the weak fire or no fire. If the temperature rises the pressure will be normal.

A small tip for this situation: In the cold temperature, you can place the gas cylinder in the sleeping bag at night or in the jacket pocket to keep warm while no using. On the other hand, you can put some small pads under the gas bottle during cooking.

Some advantages and disadvantages of canister stoves


  • Easy to use
  • Compact
  • No have the risk of fuel leakage
  • Control good flame
  • Fire clean (no soot)
  • Have the maximum thermo genesis quickly


  • Expensive fuel price
  • Poor efficiency when in cold weather
  • The heat will be plummeted when near the end of gas
  • Be difficult to estimate the remaining fuel
  • Difficult to make the fuel
  • With the upright style, the stove is easy to fall

2. Liquid fuel stoves

All kind of these stoves use the white gas or crude gasoline. This is a type of the refined fuel when burned no have any impurities. Moreover, this fuel has also good and clean heat, especially it can work well even at the freezing temperature. Besides, the price is cheaper than gasoline.

Liquid Fuel Stove


  • Can work so well when the weather is cold,
  • The fuel price is cheaper than gasoline price,
  • Having low design with the solid soles,
  • Easy to estimate the remaining fuel,
  • Not dispose bottle


  • Most of liquid fuel stoves must be supported another object to staring fire,
  • This product price is often higher,
  • It is the leak of fuel,
  • It has the heavy weight.

In summary, choosing the appropriate camping stove will help your camp become successful and more exciting. You do not worry too much about the risks of stoves during your camping time. With the important and necessary information of canister stoves and liquid fuel stoves in this writing will help you which one you want to buy. Besides, when you buy any products you should ask the salesman of the shop to give the manual instruction to prevent the unfortunate accidents. The best camping stove will also contribute to the successful camp and safety for all people.