Positive And Negative Effects Of Hunting For Our Lives

You know how to hunt for our lives. Many people like hunting so much and it is a hobby only. However, for some people, hunting is a career to earn money. In fact, there are a lot of ideas as well as the different evaluations about hunting.

Thus, how about your opinion on this problem? You think hunting should be banned or not. So many questions and solutions are given around the hunting issues. In this article, it will discuss two sides of hunting, they include the positive and negative effects of hunting. I hope you will have a lot of knowledge about hunting and you also understand correctly of hunting for our lives.

No Hunting Without Permision
No Hunting Without Permision

Some Information About Hunting

Before, the humans lived by hunting so hunting has a long life. Many people lived with hunting and it is a part of their lives even hunting is passed from this generation to other generation. Therefore, hunting should not be banned because it is a traditional job and still remains to this day. However, hunting is considered like a cruel, barbaric, and inhumane.

The government also organizes some programs to urge us protecting the wildlife because that is the forest resources. We are really difficult to understand hunting has the positive effects or negative effects. You will receive this answer right now.

Positive And Negative Effects Of Hunting For Our Lives

Some positive effects of hunting

It is not simple to give a result that hunting brings the positive effects. So we must base on some proven basis. Here are four main reasons which you can find out the persuasions. They are:

  1. Provide fresh food and delicious food for human;
  2. Be a great recreation;
  3. Can control the animal populations;
  4. Create the big profit for businesses.

Hunting brings fresh and delicious food so in some areas hunters have a lot of experiences and good skills to hunt a deer. Nowadays, our food is more diversified, however, meat from hunting is more delicious and more nutritious than meat from the market.

Besides, some people said that they go hunting as a fun activity. Sometimes they only want to try their skill of hunting. At that time, hunting is considered like a hobby for every people of all age. Actually, hunting is a legal recreation in many countries. They can come to some allowed areas to hunt animals and they must have a license for hunting.

Although many people protest the hunt because hunters killed a lot of wild animals they destroyed our forest resources. But hunters and some supporters of hunting feel that hunting can control the animal populations. And this is also true. Many studies showed that some animals populations grow enough large they can damage to the human’s lives, the ecosystem and a lot of personal property. Thus, it is necessary to have the existence of hunting.

We must also assert that hunting creates a big profit for some businesses. The hunting industry can be expressed through clothing, ammunition and firearms…. In addition, most of the hunters are also the conversations. They know when you must hunt an animal. They link with some big businesses to consume animals which are raised in the conservation zones of wild animals. Of course, the businesses can earn a lot of money when the meat quality from these animals is sold on the market.

All the above analysis will help you see the positive effects of hunting. This is very reasonable which you can deny about hunting.

Some negative effects of hunting

When we show some positive effects of hunting, there are many ideas to counter. These people also give some convincing negative effects. Let’s explore this as follows:

  1. Affect the balance of ecosystem;
  2. Change the hibernation of wildlife;
  3. Have a lot of the poaching situation;
  4. Affect the environment;

Hunting can affect the ecosystem of wild animals that human is trying to protect all over the world. We know that each ecosystem is different from others. If an animal or living creature is meeting the danger of extinction, it will affect to the whole of the ecosystem. At this time, it is unbalanced leading to the disruption of the food chain. The food is extremely important for all animals existing in a population. Therefore, hunting will affect directly to the development of other animals and living creatures.

Besides, hunting will change how animals move and hibernate. What is the reason? Because when animals go to migrate, they can be killed by hunters. Moreover, the wild animals will feel unsafe and very fear when hunters make the wild world have some strange noise and surely animals will not go to hibernate. So this will be dangerous to the survival and reproduction of animals.

Although hunting is allowed for some areas, however, many hunters do not have the license of hunting because in fact hunting laws is very strict. It is called the poaching. And the illegal hunting is a serious threat to our environment and wildlife. At this time, the poachers only think their interests rather than the balance of an ecosystem.

Hunting adversely affects the environment. For example, hunters must drive the long distance until they find out the desired location for their hunt. This causes to emit CO2. Moreover, they often make a camp site and campfires. The smoke which is emitted by the fire will be dangerous both wild animals and our environment too much.

In short, we can not easily conclude that hunting is good or not good for human’s life. You must spend a lot of appreciations and the logical analysis from the professional researchers. Now you have a convincing explanation of hunting. Hunting does not only have the positive effects but also negative effects. So you must promote the positive sides and limit the negative sides. Helping the wildlife means that we are helping our environment becomes better. I hope you will get a lot of useful information about hunting in my writing.

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