Some Necessary Information About Canister And Liquid Fuel Stoves

How is a successful camp? In my opinion, I think a camp is only really successful when it ends safely with a lot of good memories. To help the great result for your camp, every people must give some ideas for preparing, cooking, organizing the exciting games…Making a plan for a camp is extremely important and everything must be prepared carefully. One of the devices cannot forget in any camp it is a camping stove. This stove will help all members in a camp enjoying the delicious foods and help all people have a great time together also. Many people think that a camping stove is very easy to buy or can take any stove, providing that it is lightweight and uses easily. On the market it is not difficult to choose a suitable one. But it is so dangerous if you do not know any information about it. You will get a lot of necessary knowledge about camping stove, especially canister stoves and liquid fuel stoves through this article.

Some The Most Common Camping Stove Today

You should not think that you can bring any stoves for your camp or picnic which it is small and convenient to cook. It is wrong and dangerous thinking because if you have any carelessly you can be the cause of accidents such as: explosion, fire, etc. It is the reason why the manufactures about stoves created the camping stoves to ensure the safety as well as to bring the convenience for those who like camping. Here are some common camping stoves to help the customers can choose the suitable stoves as follows:

  • Canister stoves
  • System integrated gas stoves
  • Liquid fuel stoves
  • Multi- fuel stoves
  • Alternate – fuel stoves

This diversity will help the customers have a lot of choices. However, any stoves also have the different advantages and disadvantages and the camping stoves are not the exception.

Canister Stoves And Liquid Fuel Stoves Which You Need To Know

To have the safety during using we must know not only some detail information about the camping stoves, but also how to use of each product. 5 products listed above are widely used in our life. But I will mention two types of camping stoves which many consumers bought the most in the last years. They are canister stoves and liquid fuel stoves.

1. Canister stoves

Canister stove uses the compressed gas fuel, including: isobutane gas and propane gas. Isobutane gas has the good temperature and cleanliness. In the cold condition this isobutane gas is better than butane gas. Besides, the canister gas bottle will seal automatically when it is removable from the stove and it will eliminate the possibility of fuel leakage.

Canister Stoves

The canister gas bottle is connected to the stove under 2 types:

  • Upright: the stove is attached to the upper gas bottle. This is the most compact option. However, with the high gas bottle, it may be inclined or felt and it cannot sustain with the big pots.
  • Low- profile: The stove is located on the separate soles and is connected to the gas bottle by a fuel pipe. Gas cylinders can upside down to increase the efficiency in the cold weather. In addition, the pot rack will support the large size pot can firm more. However, this kind is bulky and heavy, so it is not convenient if you want to take it to camping in far place.

The biggest obstacle of the upright type is reduced the freezing temperatures (below 0 degrees Celsius) It is the reason of the weak fire or no fire. If the temperature rises the pressure will be normal.

A small tip for this situation: In the cold temperature, you can place the gas cylinder in the sleeping bag at night or in the jacket pocket to keep warm while no using. On the other hand, you can put some small pads under the gas bottle during cooking.

Some advantages and disadvantages of canister stoves


  • Easy to use
  • Compact
  • No have the risk of fuel leakage
  • Control good flame
  • Fire clean (no soot)
  • Have the maximum thermo genesis quickly


  • Expensive fuel price
  • Poor efficiency when in cold weather
  • The heat will be plummeted when near the end of gas
  • Be difficult to estimate the remaining fuel
  • Difficult to make the fuel
  • With the upright style, the stove is easy to fall

2. Liquid fuel stoves

All kind of these stoves use the white gas or crude gasoline. This is a type of the refined fuel when burned no have any impurities. Moreover, this fuel has also good and clean heat, especially it can work well even at the freezing temperature. Besides, the price is cheaper than gasoline.

Liquid Fuel Stove


  • Can work so well when the weather is cold,
  • The fuel price is cheaper than gasoline price,
  • Having low design with the solid soles,
  • Easy to estimate the remaining fuel,
  • Not dispose bottle


  • Most of liquid fuel stoves must be supported another object to staring fire,
  • This product price is often higher,
  • It is the leak of fuel,
  • It has the heavy weight.

In summary, choosing the appropriate camping stove will help your camp become successful and more exciting. You do not worry too much about the risks of stoves during your camping time. With the important and necessary information of canister stoves and liquid fuel stoves in this writing will help you which one you want to buy. Besides, when you buy any products you should ask the salesman of the shop to give the manual instruction to prevent the unfortunate accidents. The best camping stove will also contribute to the successful camp and safety for all people.

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