The Lost Art Of Stepping Out Of Your Box

The reason being, that if we are to overcome a problem and get out of our box, we need to take complete responsibility for getting ourselves in our box in the first place. When we’re inside our box, we are usually stuck. Do it now. Think of something you’re finding difficult in life at the moment and you can use this example as you continue reading this post. For me, as a person who stutters, it was a difficulty of doing what most people in the world take for granted – speaking. When we’re inside our box, we usually see everything out of our own eyes, although we don’t do so clearly. We are full of worry, anxiety, frustration, anger even and we are seeing only what we think is there, based upon judgements we have made about those who we interact with, the situations we find ourselves in, and of course ourselves. The desire to get ourselves out of our problem is obvious – yet on the face of it, might not seem easy to do. However, with effort and practice, one become extremely skilled at it. Below are some ways you can change the direction of your consciousness to see beyond your current problem, and access resources to help you deal with it:


Look Backwards

If something is making you stuck now, there is a good chance the beliefs behind it have been there from when you were a younger person, perhaps when you might have been a child. And how old are you now? Most likely, you’re a fully grown adult. As an adult, do you still need to view the problem as a child? As you realise you are an adult, and now decide to look at the problem with ‘adult eyes’, has it changed your perception? If so, how has it changed? On the other hand, your thinking and believing may not have begun in your childhood. It might have happened as an adult. No problem, as the next change in perception is also relevant to you.

Look Forwards

Your current challenge is not ideal. But if you don’t do something about it, can you really tell yourself hand on heart that it will get better next week or next month, unless you do something about it? Let me interject a little with my stuttering. By my early twenties, I had pretty much missed out on many aspects of normal life that other guys my age were doing. I missed out on going out with friends, having girlfriends, taking job interviews, and voicing my opinions. I asked myself the simple question, “what will happen if I continued this way?” Or course life would only get worse. I had enough, and this was enough to drive me into taking action and making some serious changes in my life.

Look Even More Forward

There is the future, and then there is a time when we come near the end of our lives. There will be a time when your own kids will be grown up and you will look back on your life and think about all the things you did, and regrettably didn’t. When you look back at the particular challenge you are facing at the moment, is this how you want your legacy to be remembered? As someone who wanted to push himself/herself out of his/her comfort zones, but allowed fear to hold them back? Chances are, you’re not one of these people.

Make It Possible

Being stuck means not seeing the forest for the trees. Your current tree might have the name “impossible” attached to it. But there are many other trees around you. Many of these are named “possible”. You just haven’t allowed yourself to see them yet. What if it were possible to overcome your particular challenge? Just imagine it for a moment. What would you be doing differently? What would you be seeing, hearing and feeling? If you were able to, how would your life be different? How would it improve you as a person and help those around you? Allow yourself to turn the ‘impossible’ into ‘possible’ in your mind, until it feels like it’s almost happened already. Then go out and make it happen! Problems needn’t keep you stuck. Sometimes all it takes is a slight change in direction of perception. Doing so can help you quickly get out your box, to see beyond the trees, and to really start exploring the forest!

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