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The Lost Art Of Stepping Out Of Your Box

The reason being, that if we are to overcome a problem and get out of our box, we need to take complete responsibility for getting ourselves in our box in the first place. When we’re inside our box, we are usually stuck. Do it now. Think of something you’re finding difficult in life at the moment and you can use this example as you continue reading this post. For me, as a person who stutters, it was a difficulty of doing what most people in the world take for granted – speaking. When we’re inside our box, we usually see everything out of our own eyes, although we don’t do so clearly. We are full of worry, anxiety, frustration, anger even and we are seeing only what we think is there, based upon judgements we have made about those who we interact with, the situations we find ourselves in, and of course ourselves. The desire to get ourselves out of our problem is obvious – yet on the face of it, might not seem easy to do. However, with effort and practice, one become extremely skilled at it. Below are some ways you can change the direction of your consciousness to see beyond your current problem, and access resources to help you deal with it:

An Interview With Ken Wert

“Whether here or elsewhere, whether “on your own” or with a professional, whether with clergy or a therapist, keep on the path, take the next step, and then the next. One day, one step at a time, you will begin to see life differently, yourself differently, and others differently.” – Ken Wert

Today, I am thrilled to present another interview to you!

This is the next interview, featuring Ken Wert of Meant To Be Happy. If you wish to read up on previous interviews with Bryan Thompson and Tess Marshall, please click here.

Ken has recently been named the ‘Best Personal Development Blogger of 2011′ by the readers ofChange Your Thoughts, and so I felt it appropriate to interview him.

I am also honoured to have him here as he is an incredible gentleman and a kind soul. The blogging world is better off with him in it.

I hope you enjoy Ken’s thoughtful responses.